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Power point presentations should always be clean and minimal, focusing on the information in the text, without illustrative imagery or animation.

Text should be Franklin Gothic without outlines or shadows.

Colors should be selected from the color palette, using the CMYK mixes in power point from the CMYK breakdowns in this manual. do not use more than one color of type on any slide, and when separating category by color, please assign one color per category for distinction.

Headlines appear large and in upper case.
Subheads are considerably smaller and in upper and lowercase. text or bullet text is upper and lower case as well.

Text may be white over a full-bleed photograph (please see our library of photography online) or colored backgrounds. Conversely, the text may be in a color or black on a white background. there should not be colored text on a colored background.

On introductory and closing pages please include the disc at the left side of the page and the wordmark as indicated.



Here are examples of a slide progression with varying styles of section slides (slides 1 and 5 show alternate versions).

Alternate slides

If smaller photographs are to be used please follow examples at left. Always show groups of photographs in a grid and do not overlap or collage the images. if a full frame slide is desired, please use one quality photograph which cover the entire background. (see above).

examples of charts and graphs

Headings are in Franklin Gothic, all uppercase. Small chart text is also all uppercase. Charts remain simple and are not multi-colored. Text may be in color or black, or white type on a colored background.