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Unit or Program Logos

Unit or Program Logos

Use of Unit or Program Logos

The proliferation of marks or logos diminishes the overall value and impact of the institutional brand. Hence, use of distinctive marks for presenting entities or units of the college is limited to those that 1) present professional rather than student work and to those that 2) sell tickets or annual memberships as a means of deriving financial support for performance seasons or exhibitions. Each of the schools may also develop a distinctive "mark" that demonstrates the administrative/academic structure of the institution.

Distinctive marks for other programs or purposes may, from time to time, be developed by creative and printing services and the assistant vice president for marketing and communications in consultation with appropriate administrative officers.

This is an example of how individual college logos are used in conjunction with the Columbia College wordmark. The logo here doubles as the headline, which is read first, and the wordmark should be consistently positioned at the bottom of the piece, is equal in visual weight with the headline.

Below are examples of letterhead treatments for unit or program logos.