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Columbia College Chicago
Standard & Wide Template Options

Standard & Wide Template Options

Standard Template

The standard template is a three-column grid that should be used for most page layouts.

A. Left Column (140 px wide)
The left column allows for the placement of images, links, and text. Content in this space often includes a random intruder, a custom intruder, events/news feed, contact information, or other pertinent information. A random intruder is an automatic inclusion of an image, randomly selected from a predefined bank of images. These random intruders promote the college as a whole and redirect the user to other pages for more information.

If you would like a custom intruder that specifically promotes your department or event, Creative & Printing Services is available for design.

B. Center Column (420 px wide)
The center column is the area for your main body of content.

C. Right Column (150 px wide)
The right column can comprise automatic navigation, additional text areas, and print/email controls.

Wide Template

The wide template is a two-column grid that should be used when the page layout is image intensive and the standard template cannot display imagery that fits in to the three-column grid.

This page is an example of wide template.