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Columbia College Chicago
Website Design Guidelines

Website Design Guidelines

To maintain an affiliation to the college, all websites must display a link back to the main college website on the home page and back pages. (i.e. Colum.edu, Columbia College Chicago)

The Columbia wordmark must be used prominently, at the top of the the home pag, and all back pages, to reinforce the connection to Columbia. The graphic should link, in a new window, to the Columbia College home page.

The wordmark should be used no smaller than 250-300 pixels in width at 72 DPI.

The disc was created to reinforce brand position and to evince, in visual terms, the diversity and vibrancy of the brand. It must be used on all home pages. It is not necessary to repeat the disc on internal pages.

The disc should always be reproduced in black or a color from the palette, with white type only. In most cases, the disc should be used over a larger image or block of color.

Body Copy: “Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”, 12 pixel font-size, 18 pixel line-height.


<h1>Headline 1</h1> Helvetica Bold 30/34 pt
<h2>Heading 2</h2> Helvetica Bold 24/26 pt
<h3>Heading 3</h3> Helvetica Bold 20/22 pt
<h4>Heading 4</h4> Helvetica Bold 16/18 pt 


Graphic Text/Buttons
When text is a graphic, and not HTML, you must use Franklin Gothic as your primary font. Graphic buttons and text should be used sparingly to reinforce the brand and enhance the design. ALT Tags must be applied.

Color Scheme
Please rely on approved swatches only to carry the desired identity of the college. To avoid the "rainbow effect", using more than three colors for body text and headlines are strongly discouraged.

Columbia’s identity emphasizes the use of photography or student artwork for the majority of its imagery. However, professional illustrations can be used when appropriate.

Permission by the artist, photographer or model must be obtained with a signed release form. The artist’s first and last name should be clearly credited to their work.

Rounded edges and/or drop shadows are not in line with the brand identity. Extensive type over images or textured or repeated photograph backgrounds is discouraged.


* Required homepage elements