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Project Lead Times
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Project Lead Times

Production Time Required for Print and Web Communications

We encourage our clients to meet with us at any stage during the planning of a project, especially if they hope to create a marketing campaign requiring several print and web components. In these cases, the Creative Services office might have cost- and time-saving suggestions in regards to scheduling, best practices, and how to bundle printing and production.  

Design and Printing

  Design Time Printing Time
New Postcard 1–2 weeks 1–2 weeks
Program (text flowed into existing look) 1–2 weeks 1–2 weeks
New Program 1–3 weeks 1-2 weeks
Standing Project (type alts only, no redesign or resizing) 1–2 weeks 1–2 weeks
Flyer, copy job 2 weeks 1–2 weeks
Flyer, design and print 1–3 weeks 1–2 weeks
Newsletter 3–4 weeks 1-2 weeks
Brochure 2–4 weeks 1-2 weeks
Invitation Package 2 weeks 1–2 weeks
Banners 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks

Special papers, dies, binding, etc., will add to the length of the production cycle.

Environmental Installations

  Design Time Production Time
Window Vinyl 1–2 weeks Up to 3 days
Mounted Laminated Posters 1–2 weeks Up to 1 week
Wall Vinyl 1–2 weeks Up to 1 week
Wall Text with cleated mount 1–2 weeks Up to 1 week
"Wall Paper" graphic vinyl 1–2 weeks Up to 3 weeks

Certain environmental graphics are subject to consultation with the Office of Campus Environment for design approval, installation, and/or permitting issues. Since this may add considerably to production time, please consult with Creative Services when planning such projects.


  Design Time
New Ad (dependent upon size, number of images, etc.) 1–3 weeks
Resizing of Existing Ad 1–2 weeks

Web Design

  Design Time Development
Web Graphics (web banners, intruders, etc.) 1 week 2 days
Navigation and/or organizational revisions to existing websites 2–3 weeks 1–3 weeks
Static, Stand-alone Website Client consultation suggested

Web site lead times apply to design ONLY and do not reflect the time needed for programming by the Web Development Office. All web site projects begin with a meeting between the client, Creative Services, and a representative of Web Dev to determine a realistic schedule. Depending on complexity, programming can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.



These lead times assume prompt review and proofreading by the client when notified, as well as final approval in one or two days. A longer approval time will add to the production cycle. That time cannot be made up by the designer, printer, or programmer.

During peak months (April, May, August and September), additional time may be needed to complete projects. Conversely, CS may be able to accommodate requests with shorter lead times during slower periods.

Finally, CS should always be approached first, before partnering with external vendors. Depending upon capacity at that time, CS may be able to accommodate your needs.