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These individuals are the backbone of the office; they bring to the College it's visual voice, and are the communicators through which potential donors, students, and alumni view Columbia.

Mary Forde, Assistant Vice President

Primary job duties include initial client contact on new, larger, complex, or high profile jobs. Appointments are recommended. Assigning the job to the correct designer (most appropriate style, and personality for the client and project) is vital. Other duties include art direction of design staff, ensuring design solutions meet client expectations, target the correct audience, respect the budget, and conform to established branding.

Mary also conducts weekly critiques, to encourage cross-pollination of ideas, and the highest level of design and creativity.

She also responds to changing needs of the College, implementing, for instance, the 2010 Plan, responding to the needs of the VP of Campus Environment, the Assistant VP of Marketing and Communications, etc. as well as steering the office in the correct direction as print drifts to the Web, and communications include DVDs, CD's etc.

Corey Plazak, Manager of Production Services

Primary job duties include the Business Management of the office and its operations. Special projects have included the research and choosing of Xerox as our new imaging partner. Duties also include all management of incoming copier jobs, and print for standing projects (such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes). If a job has been designed and printed by this office, and only content changes need to be made, Corey handles the production. The Production Coordinator also maintains all maintenance agreements, researches technology, recommends purchases to the Director, and maintains the budget.

Edward Thomas, Creative Production Coordinator

Primary job duties include the detail management of all design jobs as they flow thought the office: taking in jobs the director does not need involvement in; trouble shooting files and image issues; getting quotes from printers; working with designers to solve production problems; checking printers proofs; etc. etc. His primary goal is to free up the designers from production issues to maximize their time spent on design.

Designers Jehan Abon, Ben Bilow, Allison Buskirk, Stefan Coisson, and Brittany Skwierczynski

This design team receive jobs from the Creative Production Coordinator. These individuals are responsible for maintaining the college brand, while appealing to the client's targeted audiences. They conduct their own client contact as they deem necessary throughout the design process, and engage the director, Kevin, Corey and Anita as needed.

Anita Strejc, Graphic Technician

Primary job duties include type management. Anita receives design instructions from the designers, and flows in type and assigns proper type specs. She also handles non-design intensive jobs from start to finish.

Kevin Riordan, Production Technician

Primary job duties include scanning of all images for office production, generation of imagery for designers' projects, generation of film and rc for reproduction, power point presentations for the college, maintenance of computer software and systems.