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Workflow for Creative Services is as follows:

If a new, complicated, or high profile job is to be produced, contact the Assistant Vice President, Mary Forde (mforde@colum.edu; extension 7401) to make an appointment to discuss the project. Or, if you feel you need to give pertinent art direction, or have special concerns, your input is welcome. Again, please make an appointment with Mary.

If a job has been produced before and only content or image changes are needed, or it is a simple job not requiring the Director's attention, see Edward Thomas (ethomas@colum.edu; ext. 7759). If you need letterhead, business cards, envelopes, or simple jobs produced by non-design staff see Corey Plazak (cplazak@colum.edu; ext. 7400).

All clients, before approaching the office, must complete either a: Print Request Form; Web Design Request Form, Advertising Request Form, or Signage Request Form.

We also request the client know their budget constraints, and know their print quantities. It is impossible to begin work unless we are aware of these factors. Final copy must also be submitted with the job, as should any appropriate logos, images, etc. Minor edits may be made in proofing stages, but major copy changes will not be allowed.

Once a job is submitted, and assigned to a designer, a comprehensive layout will be shown to the client for approval before final design begins.

The client will be shown another proof; the client is responsible for all proofreading. The comp is returned to Creative Services, for final alts. If they are extensive, another proof is sent to the client, until a final sign off is given.

The office is responsible for buying all print, checking printer's proofs, attending press checks and communicating clients' delivery instructions.

Clients should minimize contact with designers once the design begins, and direct any questions to Edward Thomas or Corey Plazak. Additional logos, copy, images, etc. should be given to them, and they will be forwarded to the designers when appropriate.

For website requests, clients are required to submit a completed Web Survey with their website design request form.

Staff Photographer Protocols

Creative Services has diversified its staffing to include a full-time Staff Photographer. The top priorities of this position are to serve the needs of CS designers and reduce expenses for outside photographic services or stock photography. The Staff Photographer will be an integral member of the creative team and contribute early on to the concepting and design process. By maintaining a fresh and engaging library of digital images for use in all marketing materials and web sites, the Staff Photographer will help CS tell the Columbia story visually and enhance the college brand.

The Staff Photographer will also respond to the photographic needs of the College. These include shooting portraits, environmental spaces, and select events, as well as student artwork. A Photography Request form must be completed when requesting these services.

Steve Kauffman, Senior Director of Public Relations, will still handle requests for documenting events or shooting head shots for personal publicity (in these instances, please contact him directly at 312.369.7383; skauffman@colum.edu). The Staff Photographer will not be a resource for individual students who wish to document their portfolios.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Forde (312.369.7401; mforde@colum.edu) or Ben Bilow (312.369.7311; bbilow@colum.edu).