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Content Creation Guidelines
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Content Creation Guidelines

You have important news to share, and you want to make sure you include the most relevant information for your audience. These guidelines walk you through the process of writing appealing news for your specific audience (whether it is faculty/staff, alumni, students, parents, or others.) Please follow these brief guidelines when putting together your news, announcements, and event notices.

Include all basic facts.
Know the 5 Ws and 1 H: who, what, where, when, why, and – sometimes – how.

Be accurate.
Make sure your information is 100% true and comes from original and reliable sources. Double check that everything – including names and titles – are spelled correctly.

Keep it brief and to the point.
Please keep articles less than 300 words.

Be timely.
Make sure the article is timely and relevant to the audience.

Be original.
Use your own words. Paraphrase information to make it your own, except when driectly quoting someone.

Include artwork (if available)
Graphics, such as charts, graphs, photographs, illustrations, and logos can enhance the reader's experience.

Finalize your article.
Read the article from the reader's point of view. Does it make sense? Is the information complete, and does it provide the basic information? Read the article from an editor's point of view. Can you take out words? Is anything redundant? If so, take it out.


To help illustrate usage of the guidelines above, we've created two sample news articles.