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Events Submission Guidelines
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Events Submission Guidelines

Columbia recently transitioned to a new web calendar system. These are style and submission guidelines for posting events to the new calendar.

Sign Up & Contribute
Visit events.colum.edu to access all the new features and enter your campus events. Please create an account on the system with your colum.edu email address. You must have an account in order to submit events to the calendar.

Submission Guidelines
The Columbia Events system is only for Columbia College Chicago events, and especially those open to the public and/or students; please do not enter events unrelated to Columbia. Event submissions are reviewed for appropriateness, completeness, and style prior to approval. Approval generally takes place within three business days; incomplete submissions may be delayed. You will be notified via email when your event is approved for the calendar. You must have EMS Booking ID number before you submit to Columbia Events.

  • Include complete information: Who does the event pertain to (students, faculty, staff, etc.); What is the event and its significance; Where is the event; When is the event; and any other relevant information.
  • Do not use all capital letters.
  • Check spelling—double check that names, locations, and event names are correct.
  • Acronyms should be spelled out on first reference.
  • Write the event description in complete sentences. Check for fragments or incomplete sentences.
  • When providing a list of names, be sure to separate with commas.
  • Keep descriptions to a one-paragraph maximum. No more than five sentences.
  • Plays, movies, publications, and exhibits should be put in quotation marks.
  • If an event has a guest speaker, lecturer, or person of interest, provide brief background information about the guest. Include his or her title, education or current work, and what he or she will discuss or present.
  • Provide specific start and end times; the calendar defaults to 12:00 a.m.
  • Many campus locations already exist in the system. If the calendar drop-down does not recognize an address, provide a new one in the following format: 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60605
  • Be descriptive when indicating a room or floor number, such as: Room 300, or 4th Floor.
  • Only hyperlink to a Columbia-related site. If a speaker or performer has a personal website, only link to it if it has information regarding his or her presence at Columbia. Otherwise, link to a Columbia College page (colum.edu or Loop page).
  • Only link to Facebook Event pages if they are viewable to the public.
  • Photos should be of action, people, or of the event/exhibit. Photo dimensions should be at least 200x150, and the file size should be no larger than 1MB. Columbia must own or otherwise have permission to publish these photos.
  • Only classify events by "Event Type" and "Department" if this information is known.
  • Until further notice, ignore the “Group” category when creating events.
  • "This event is free" is checked by default. If the event is not free, uncheck and complete the “Ticket Cost” and “Ticket Link” options.
  • Include your EMS Booking ID number (usually a 5-digit number); a confirmed space request is required of all campus events. Submit your EMS space and resource request at colum.edu/space.

Important notes:

  • The Columbia Events team reserves the right to edit or modify event listings for space and clarity.
  • Older versions of web browsers (particulary Internet Explorer) may encounter errors while attempting to use Columbia Events, so for best results please use updated versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 or above.


  • Need technical assistance? Contact webmaster@colum.edu.
  • Questions about reserving space and resources should be directed to Samantha Doyle at space@colum.edu or ext. 8515.
  • Event questions or submitting a recurring event? Contact Norman Alexandroff at nalexandroff@colum.edu or ext. 7416.
  • Questions about this guide? Contact J.D. Piland at jpiland@colum.edu or Ext. 6645.