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Columbia College Chicago
Smart Classrooms
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General Info

About Smart Classrooms:

There are over 75 Smart Classrooms, 4 Smart Lecture Halls, and a Smart Teaching Lab on Columbia College's campus.

These rooms are designed to be user-friendly, so instructors can easily operate all of the audio and visual needs for their classes personally, without staff assistance.

If instructors are having problems, there are technicians on duty to provide more assistance, train faculty on how to use the equipment, and repair the equipment when necessary.


Smart Classroom Equipment:

  • A Dual-booting Mac Mini or Dell computer
  • Movie Projector Screen
  • Ceiling-mounted Projector
  • Stereo speakers
  • Internet Access
  • Lectern equipped with a Media Control Panel and a computer with a CD/DVD drive
  • Guest laptop and external device audio/visual access


Smart Classroom Software:



        Adobe Reader
        Apple Keynote
        Apple Numbers
        Apple Pages
        Filemaker Pro
        Microsoft Excel
        Microsoft Powerpoint
        Microsoft Word

        Quicktime Player
        Real Player
        VLC Player

        Apple Safari
        Google Chrome
        Mozilla Firefox


        Adobe Reader
        Microsoft Excel
        Microsoft Powerpoint
        Microsoft Word
        MDID Imageviewer
        Power DVD

        Quicktime Player
        Real Player
        VLC Player

        Google Chrome
        MS Internet Explorer
        Mozilla Firefox


Smart Classroom Locations:

600 S. Michigan
Room 201C
Room 201D
Room 201F
Room 921
Room 1305
Room 1307
Room 1309

618 S. Michigan
Room 901
Room 903
Room 905
Room 907
Room 917
Room 921
Room 923

72 E. 11th Street
Room 201

916 S. Wabash
Room 215


623 S. Wabash Building
Room 213A
Room 214
Room 215
Room 217
Room 509
Room 627

33 E. Congress Building
Room 215
Room 317
Room 403
Room 405
Room 407
Room 410
Room 419
Room 424
Room 501
Room 502
Room 503
Room 509
Room 528
Room 530
Room 534
Room 536
Room 537
Room 543


624 S. Michigan Building
Room 705
Room 707
Room 806 
Room 809
Room 902
Room 903
Room 904
Room 905
Room 907
Room 908
Room 909
Room 1002
Room 1003
Room 1004
Room 1005
Room 1006
Room 1007
Room 1103
Room 1105
Room 1106
Room 1107
Room 1108
Room 1301
Room 1302
Room 1303
Room 1304
Room 1305
Room 1306
Room 1403
Room 1405
Room 1406
Room 1407
Room 1408
Room 1409 

How To's

Smart Room Guides:

  • For a Quick-Start Video about our Smart Classrooms, please click here.
  • For a Video about Using the Computer in the Lectern, please click here.
  • For a Video about the Document Camera, please click here.
  • For a Video about Hooking Up Laptops (and Auxiliary Devices), please click here.


Contact Info:

Email: Adam Wegrzyn, the Smart Classroom Support Specialist, your questions, comments, or concerns at:awegrzyn@colum.edu 

Phone: 312.369.7126