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General Information
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Columbia College Chicago

General Information

Payroll Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Payroll Office is to provide accurate and timely payment to staff, faculty and student employees in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Payroll is also committed to providing accurate payroll related information to the College community, as well as, limiting exposures to tax and reporting liabilities.

The Payroll Office strives to be fair, honest and professional in our dealings with all constituents and to be sensitive to their needs.  The Payroll staff seeks to be known for the quality of our character, competence, commitment and confidentiality.

Payroll Functions
Columbia's Payroll Department strives to accomplish serving Columbia employee's in regards to any questions and problems which circles producing a PAYCHECK.

We are focused on working together, as a one on one service. Making an employee more at ease when complying with eliminating any possible payroll questions. Take note that all is based on following the proper procedures for hiring an employee at any institution and that the employee should be aware of his or her payroll status. Keeping an intercommunication relationship will create a more functional community.


The following staff employees are hired through these departments:

Full Time Staff                                          Human Resources

Part Time Staff/Non Student                      Human Resources

Part Time Staff/Student                             Student Employment


Full Time Faculty                                       Human Resources

Part Time Faculty                                      Department


Part-time Faculty employees are hired through the department the teacher is working in. The department supervisor is in charge of handling the hiring process for these part-time faculty employees.

When and How Employees are paid


Employees are paid semi-monthly, every 15th and last day of the month. Each year the Payroll Office provides a Payroll Schedule that details online time sheet due dates and pay dates.


Employees are paid either by check or direct deposit.

Expired Checks / Lost Checks

Any check over a year old, which has not been cashed, must be voided in order to reissue a new check. To void a check, Accounting must obtain the proper information so the department can produce a new check.

In case of a lost check, please contact Payroll requesting that a stop payment be made. State the issued check date. This process takes from two to five days.

Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

Download forms

This form reflects all wages paid, and all taxes withheld from you by your employer during the calendar year.

Who receives a W-2 Statement?

Any employee who received a payment for services rendered, had federal income, social security and Medicare taxes withheld from paycheck.

Deadline for Employer to send out W-2

All W-2 Statements must be postmarked by January 31 of each year. Yes, all W-2 Statements are mailed out on the same day.

Electronic W-2

Employees who wish to receive their W-2 statement electronic must register at www.paperlessemployee.com/columbiachicago. You must fill out the registration exactly as instructed. You will be notified by email when your W-2 statement is ready for download and printing.

Please note that you will not receive a paper W-2 statement by mail when you register to have it delivered electronically. To receive a paper statement, you must unregister by deleting your account.

Returned W-2

Employee's that have not submitted a new change of address before January 5 of the New Year will have there W-2 returned to Columbia. Payroll requires that all corrections or changes should be submitted beforehand, in order to prepare the W-2 file.

Duplicate W-2

Reissued W-2 statements are done online or at the Payroll Office. There is a $10.00 fee charged upon reissue and must be paid at the time of receiving the reissued W-2 statement. If you are still working for Columbia College, you may have the fee deducted from your next paycheck.

Please feel free to forward any questions you may have regarding payroll policies or procedures via e-mail.