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MyTime Went Live Monday, January 6th, 2014!
Feel free to sign into MyTime and check out the new, automated web-based recording system for online electronic time reporting and approval that is easy, quick and efficient.  Click here for an overview of MyTime.
Please visit the MyTime site to review information regarding who has to use this system, what you need to do, and how to register for training.

Introducing My Time

The new Payroll link My Columbia

Please check Time and Labor training  , for training classes. You can also view our FAQ.

Part time adjuncts and HSSI Pay Information

Get your W-2s online
Register before the end of the year or you might be too late.


As many of you already know, coming to work is not just waking up in the morning, driving to work through long, fussy traffic, turning on your computer, taking a coffee break, chit-chatting with co-workers, and returning home for a good night's rest. It's based on receiving a PAYCHECK. But many of you may not actually know how to read your pay stub and how it was calculated. That is why PAYROLL is here to help.

Don't forget: You can file your Illinois income taxes electronically. Simply visit the Illinois Department of Revenue homepage and follow the instructions.

Please feel free to forward any questions you may have regarding payroll policies or procedures to our staff via e-mail or call 312-369-7892