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Academic Progress Reports

Academic Progress Reports

During week 5 of each semester, Columbia faculty are required to complete an Academic Progress Report (APR) for each of their undergraduate courses. Academic Progress Reports allow faculty, and the College, to identify students who:
  • Have never attended a class session
  • To date, are not demonstrating satisfactory academic progress in class due to lack of preparation for class, missed assignments, poor academic skills, irregular attendance, or other reasons

Verification of a students' academic progress is critical for academic and financial reasons. This on-line procedure only takes minutes to complete. Academic Progress Reports are not required for Directed Studies, Independent Projects, Internships, Private Lessons, Recital Labs, Rehearsal, Research Mentorships, Tutoring, or Weekend Workshops.

The Academic Progress Report steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to OASIS, click on the Faculty tab, and then click on the Academic Progress Report link near the bottom of the page, under Online Forms.
  2. Your class (or classes) will be listed. Click on the link for the class you want to work with.
  3. The roster form for that particular class will only show students who are officially registered for your class.
  4. Complete the form and then click the submit button. You will receive an email confirmation that you have submitted your verification.

APR Advisees List
The students listed on the current semester's APR Advisees report have been identified through the recent Academic Progress Reports as in danger of not making satisfactory progress, or have never attended, in one or more of their classes. Failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress for 2 consecutive terms will result in dismissal from the college. Please be aware that these students may require additional attention or assistance from you during advising appointments. This may include referring students to the College Advising Center, the Learning Studio, Student Financial Services, or another student support office within the college. You may even wish to contact these students in advance of their appointments to ensure they are receiving timely advice that is appropriate to their circumstances. If you do have contact with any of the students on this list, whether proactively or at a scheduled advising appointment, please remember to make a note of the conversation in the 'Comments' section of the student's OASIS record.


For further information regarding the process and rationale of the Academic Progress Reports, read the Faculty Guide for Academic Progress Reports.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of your forms contact the Registrar.

Marvin Cohen
Director and Registrar, Records Office
(312) 369-7226

If you have any other questions concerning Academic Progress Reports, advising or want to learn more about the resources available to students, please contact the Assistant Dean of Faculty Advising in your school.

Keri Walters
Assistant Dean of Faculty Advising
School of Fine and Performing Arts
(312) 369-7735

Pattie Mackenzie
Assistant Dean of Faculty Advising
School of Media Arts
(312) 369-8839

Andrew Whatley
Assistant Dean for Faculty Advising and LAS Initiatives
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
(312) 369-7261