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Registration FAQ - Continuing Students

Registration FAQ - Continuing Students


Q. When is registration?

A. Registration takes place prior to each semester.  Registration occurs in April for the Fall and Summer semesters and November for the Spring semester.

Q. How do I know when to register?

A. Every currently enrolled student, both undergraduate and graduate, is sent an e-mail with their registration day and time. This is the first time a student can log on to OASIS and register. Undergraduate registration times are determined by the number of earned hours, including courses in progress for the current semester. You can register anytime after your assigned time, until registration closes for the semester. Graduate students are all eligible to register on the day registration opens. Students-at-large register after new student orientation. 

Q. How long do I have to register? 

A. Registration closes at the end of the first week of classes of the Fall and Spring semesters. It closes at the end of the second day of classes for the Summer semester. Once registration closes, you can no longer add classes or change course sections. There will be a message with the exact date on the OASIS registration screen.

Q. Where is the schedule of classes?

A. The class schedule can be viewed on the web at Class Schedule or on OASIS  - Click on the Students Tab, and then on Course Catalog in the CX-Student portlet.

Q. What if I can't log on to Oasis?

A. If you have a technical problem, call Client Services at (312) 369-7788. The hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. You can also e-mail them at clientservices@colum.edu

Q. What is a faculty advising requirement? 

A. A faculty advising requirement, also called a registration clearance, requires a student to see a faculty advisor in their major department. You cannot register unless you meet with your advisor. Your registration e-mail will tell you whether or not you are required to see your faculty advisor. Faculty advising clearances are not required for the Summer semester.

Q. Who is my faculty advisor?

A. The name of your faculty advisor is at the top of your academic record. It will also be in the registration e-mail that you receive. If the name of your advisor is not listed, please check with your major department. Students who entered before the Fall 2009 semester may not have an advisor assigned. In that case, you may see any faculty member in your department.

Q. How do I make an advising appointment?

A. Contact your major department. The appointment process varies from department to department.

Q. Who is my college advisor and what is the difference between him and my faculty advisor?

A. You must see your college advisor in your first year, located in the College Advising Center. Your college advisor will assist you with navigating the college, choosing and verifying your major, building your schedule, and understanding your graduation requirements. You must see your faculty advisor in your second year, located in your major’s academic department. Faculty advisors will help you understand your major requirements and the current trends in your major’s professional industry.

Q. How do I find out who my college advisor is?

A. College advisors are assigned based on major and concentration. A college advisor is assigned to you when you enroll at Cloumbia College, and the assignment may change if you change your major or concentration. Your advisor's name will be on the top of your academic record on OASIS, in the STUDENTS tab. You can also view the list of College Advisors  on the web.

Q. What is a registration hold and how can I find out if I have one?

A. A registration hold prevents you from registering. You can check for a hold on OASIS. Go to the Student tab, Student Profile Portlet, and click on Holds.

Registration holds include the following:

  • Financial - Student Financial Services (SFS) will place a registration hold on all students who are not current with their tuition balance. Contact SFS at 1-866-705-0200 or e-mail sfs@colum.edu 
  • Immunization  - All students who are registered for six or more credit hours during the current semester must be in compliance with the state of Illinois immunization law. You can view your immunization record on Oasis. Click on the Immunizations link under Student Profile Portlet. For further information go to Immunization Requirements
  • Academic - To be in good academic standing, your cumulative grade point average must be 2.0 or higher. In addition, you must successfully complete two-thirds of your attempted hours. Contact the College Advising Center, 623 S Wabash, room 300.  Additional Satisfactory Academic Progress information is on the SFS website. 
  • Dean of Students - The Dean of Students applies holds for a variety of reasons. Please contact that office at (312) 369-8038. The Dean of Students office is located at 623 S Wabash, room 301. 
  • High School transcript You will have a hold if the college has not received your final, official high school transcript. Contact the Records Office for more information, (312) 369-7227.  The Records office is located at   600 S Michigan, room 611.

Q. What does it mean to be "out of academic compliance"?

A. A student is "out of academic compliance" when they are not in "good academic standing". To be in "good academic standing", you must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher and an acceptable cumulative completion rate (C-Rate). To have an acceptable C-Rate, you must successfully earn 2/3 of your attempted credit hours.

Q. What should I do if I am "out of academic compliance"? 

A. Meet with your college advisor. To make an appointment, utilize the Make Appointments tab in OASIS. You can also go to the College Advising Center, 623 S Wabash, room 300.  

Q. How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

A. Sign on to Oasis and click the radio button next to the class, and then click the drop button. You can drop a class the first two weeks of the semester, and withdraw up to the end of the 8th week. In the Summer semester the drop deadline is the end of the first week of classes, and the withdrawal deadline is the fourth week. Check the Important Dates pages for exact semester dates. If you can't drop or withdraw on Oasis, you can come into the Records Office, 600 S Michigan, room 611 and fill out the proper form, or fax a request to (312) 369-8073. 

Q. Where can I register if I don't have a computer?

A. There are computer labs in the following locations:

  • 1104 S Wabash, Mezzanine
  • 618 S Michigan, Lower Level
  • 33 E Congress, 5th floor

Q. What if I want to change my major?

A. See a college advisor in the College Advising Center, 623 S Wabash, room 300.

Q. Why do I have to update my emergency information every semester?

A. The college wants to be sure we have your current information so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Q. I don't see the answer to my question here, who should I call?  

A. The Records Office is in charge of registration. The office is located at 600 S Michigan, room 611 and the phone number is (312) 369-7224. You can also send an e-mail to records@colum.edu