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Recycling On Campus
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Recycling On Campus


Columbia collects recyclable materials throughout campus (including our residence centers). Below is a detailed list of what materials we recycle on campus. 

Frequently Asked Questions such as scheduling pick ups, bin locations on campus, where our materials are recycled and more, check out our FAQ page.

We have reports from past years detailing events and diversion data. Make sure to read our annual reports which detail the history of the program. View recycling program reports here.

We also have editions of our short-run newsletter and links to past projects our student workers complied. Please take a look at our promotions page here.


For more information about recycling on campus, please use the links below or download the Campus Recycling Procedures Brochure.


You can also contact us.


Battery Recycling

All kinds of batteries can be recycled in marked bins, which are located in the lobby of all main campus buildings. This includes lead, nickel, lithium, and alkaline types. As well as sizes A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt and batteries made for cell phones. 

Bins can be found in the lobbies of the following buildings: 33 E. Congress, 600 S. Michigan, 618 S. Michigan, 623 S. Wabash, 624 S. Michigan, 731 S. Plymouth, 916 S. Wabash, 1104 S. Wabash, 1306 S. Michigan. Collection tubes are also placed near the 5th Floor Film Cage at 1104 S. Wabash.

To recycle oversized industrial batteries, large 6 volt batteries, or large quantities of batteries, please contact Recycling for pick-up and removal. 

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Cardboard Recycling

All boxes should be broken down and stored in or near paper recycling bins. Please remove all packing material that is not recycleable.

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Commingled Recycling

Please recycle plastic, aluminum, and glass in the green bins found on campus.

Acceptable items include: plastic bottles, glass bottles (all colors), aluminum or steel cans, aluminum trays, foil.

For plastic bottles, please check the number on the bottom. We can recycle #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #3 PVC, #4 LPDE, #5 PP, and #7 other. We cannot recycle #6 PS (Polystyrene or Styrofoam).

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Desk-side Recycling

Desk-side Recycling is collected by maintenance staff at night. You can recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum into this box. Please make sure desk-side boxes are placed in locations that are easy to access. Otherwise, our cleaning personnel will not empty your bin. Do not contaminate it with garbage. Contact us to request your own box.

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Dormitory Recycling

Please wash out all containers or bottles, and sort recycling appropriately. This will keep your room and the building clean.

731 S. Plymouth Residence Center: Large blue recycling toters for paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum are located in the trash room on each floor. Bins for plastic bags and battery recycling can be found in the lobby.

2 E. 8th: There is a small recycling toter located in the first floor dock. 

University Center at 525 S. State: Large recycling bins for paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum are located on every floor. Look for the drop off areas on your floor.

Dwight Lofts at 642 S. Clark St: Dwight Lofts offer single stream recycling of all paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. There are collection speedpacks located in the basement. Please take all materials from your room to this location.

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Electronics Recycling

As of January 1, 2012, the Illinois Products Recycling and Reuse Act has made extensive changes to the electronics disposal.

The following items cannot be thrown in the trash and must be recycled: cable receivers, computers and tablets (all sizes), digital converter boxes, DVD players/recorders, keyboards, mice, facsimile machines, monitors, portable music players, printers, satellite receivers, scanners, small scale servers, televisions, video game consoles, videocassette recorders.

To schedule collection of these items, faculty and staff can submit a 360 facility request assigned to Recycling.

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Film Strip Recycling

All types of film can be recycled in specifically marked grey recycling bins. For more information, please contact us or Cynthia Harrig (charrig@colum.edu, ex8044).

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Flourescent Light Bulb Recycling

Due to the chemicals present in fluorescent light bulbs, light bulbs should not be thrown in the trash. Contact us for a pick-up.

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Hazardous Waste Recycling

Do not dispose of chemicals, paints, or solvents by washing them down the drain. We will collect and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. Contact Susan Rizer (srizer@colum.edu) for disposal.

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Office Moving and/or Cleaning

If you are doing some office cleaning or if a person is moving out, please inform us a few days in advance for a pick-up. We cannot accommodate requests the day of.

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Paper Recycling

Please recycle paper and cardboard in the blue bins.

Accepted paper products include office paper of all colors, newspapers, magazines notebook paper, folders, hard and soft cover books, flattened cardboard, and paperboard (from kleenex boxes, paper rolls, food boxes).

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Plastic Bag Recycling

Plastic bag recycling bins can be found in dormitories and student lounges on campus. Accepted types of plastic include: grocery bags, food bags (such as bread bags), department store bags, newspaper delivery bags.

Dormitory locations include: 2 E. 8th Street (Residence Center), 525 S. State St (University Center), 642 S. Clark St (Dwight Lofts), 731 S. Plymouth Court (Residence Center).

Student lounge locations include: 5 @ 33 (33 E. Congress, 5th floor), Conaway Center (1104 S. Wabash, 1st floor), Quincy Wong Center (623 S. Wabash, 1st floor), The Loft (916 S. Wabash, 4th floor), Underground Cafe (600 S. Michigan, basement), 33 E. Congress in the Chronicle office, 33 E. Congress in the 2nd floor student lounge, 72 E 11th street in the theater basement lounge, 1306 S Michigan in the Dance center basement student lounge.

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Print Cartridges
Used cartridges of ink and toner should be placed in the box they have been shipped in. The easiest way to do so is using the box the replacement cartridge. Please write on that box RECYCLING. Boxing materials up makes it easy for pick-ups and shipping for recycling. Place the boxes with your outgoing mail. The mailroom staff will collect these items. 

For smaller cartridges, place in an inter office mail envelope and send to RECYCLING.

Teresa Kerr works with various purchasing vendors on campus who accept these used cartridges for recycling. Contact Teresa (tkerr@colum.edu, ex7245) for more information.

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Shredded Paper

Shredded paper should only go into clear plastic bags. This makes for a clearner office and easier recycling pick-up. 

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Technotrash Recycling

Gray bins specifically marked technotrash will accept digital media such as DVDs, CDs, VHS, DAT tapes, and floppy or zip discs. Cases and paper inserts can also be recycled in these bins.

These bins can be found in 33 E. Congress (basement, floors 2, 6), 600 S. Michigan (floors 7, 14), 916 S. Wabash (first floor), and 1104 S. Wabash (floors 3,4,5,6,7).

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Contact Procedures

For recycling pick ups, place a 360 request. This will allow us to ensure we have the correct information in regard to your request.

To request any recycling bins, email us at recycling@colum.edu

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