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Green Seal
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Green Seal

Green Seal: Waste Reduction and Education initiative sponosored by the Columbia Recycling Program

In an effort to increase environmental awareness through departmental on-campus events, the Columbia Recycling Program has drafted a set of criteria that will award events with a “Green Seal.” That set of criteria will act as a guide in which to integrate sustainability in the events planning process.


Green Seal Guidelines
All events presented to Facilities and Operations/Recycling Program will be evaluated based on the Green Seal Event Checklist (see overview below). A meeting will be required with Facilities and Operations/Recycling Program to discuss the event and run through this checklist. We encourage event planners to meet with Facilities and Operations/Recycling Program as early as possible, at least a month in advance. The list of criteria will be presented by the Recycling Program once a meeting with them has been scheduled.

Events meeting the requirements will be requested to post the Green Seal logo on all related promotional materials (print and digital).


Criteria Overview
The Recycling Program aims to strategically reduce waste by incorporating a rating system in these areas: Promotion, Food Service, and Education. In order to receive a Green Seal, event planners will commit to items on the checklist. Each item is worth a point. Events that clear 8-10 points get the Green Seal.  The maximum ten points in each category would be broken down as follows: Promotion (4), Catering (5), and Education (1). We encourage events planners to exceed the allotted amount of points whenever they can.

Green Seal Events 2011-12
These events have met or exceded waste minimization efforts detailed in this program:
New Student Convocation
Open House (Fall and Spring)
Graduate Block Party
New Student Orientation
Industry Night Events