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Recycling Program Promotions
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Recycling Program Promotions

Over the past years, the Columbia Recycling Program has created many avenues in which to engage our student population in environmental issues. Topics on recycling, waste, sustainability, energy effiency, alternative fuels, food production and others have been the focus of many of our promotional events. We've screen the environmental documentaries Inconvenient Truth and the 11th Hour, held our celebrations on Earth Day celebration, partnered with Columbia departments and student organizations, and worked with community activists, artists, businesses and organizations.  All our events and promotions were planned to be engaging and interactive.

Since 2008, we have worked on projects that aim to target students' areas of study. Below are our most ambitious efforts to date.

Eco Columbia
eco colum

The idea of Eco Columbia was to begin a collaboration of students who would like to educate and inspire others about the environment and the world they live in through thier areas of study. Submissions are encouraged from every artistic medium: Journalism, Fine Arts, Film, Radio, Photography, and more.
Initally this was a released as a newsletter (which can be viewed below). Moving forward, we created a blog to house articles, posts and submissions. Please visit it here: EcoColum.com

Past issues of Eco Columbia when as it first appeared as an E-newsletter.
Eco Columbia (Vol 2 Issue 1, Sept 2010) click to download

Eco Columbia (Issue 7, June 2010) click to download
Eco Columbia (Issue 6, May 2010) click to download.
Eco Columbia (Issue 5, April 2010) click to download.
Eco Columbia (Issue 4, March 2010) click to download.
Eco Columbia (Issue 3, Feb 2010) click to download
Eco Columbia (Issue 2, Jan 2020) click to download
Eco Columbia (Issue 1, Dec 2009) click to download
The newsletter design and layout was done by Alexa Heinrich (Advertising and Art Direction, '13).


Eco Art Installations

View our ECO ART INSTALLATIONS REPORTBeing an art school, we want to meld the talent of our Art/Design students with an eco conscious message. Read the report above for background information on this program.

Locations where Art Installations are hung:
600 S. Michigan Underground Cafe
624 S. Michigan 3rd floor North 
916 S. Wabash 4th floor in the Loft 

The current installations are from Spring 2011 carrying the theme: Chicago and the battle for a city-wide Recycling Program.

Why this topic? In 2008, the city started a blue cart, curb-side pickup program for recycling. Due to budgetary problems, only about one-third of the 600,000 residents of Chicago have blue cart recycling pick-up service. Currently, recycling is the only municipal service that is not available to the entire city. As the self proclaimed “greenest city in the country” is it fair to demand more from the city? Is recycling a right that we should expect or a privilege? What does recycling mean to you? Does convenience to recycling resources reflect socio-economic status? We aim to address such questions with this project to bring a fresh new perspective in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and understandable. Many times, art can explain something better then just words can. This work was chosen based on relevance, creativity, and clarity from various Columbia student entries. It will be displayed in other gallery spaces like this around campus and each semester will change with the theme. We hope this will build a discussion on how social issues and art can relate.


Green Biz Channel

The Green Biz Channel was created as an avenue to promote green videos that Columbia students create. The focus of programming has been Chicagoland organizations and businesses.We are currently posting these videos on YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/CCCRecyclingProgram

Recycling Program Green Biz Channel