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Columbia College Chicago
Overview: Emergency Response Procedures

Overview: Emergency Response Procedures

Chicago Police / Chicago Fire / EMS: 911
Campus Security: (312)-369-1111


In the case of a fire condition:
  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm to begin an evacuation.
  2. Check for individuals in immediate danger and report this to campus security or the fire safety marshal.

When an alarm is sounded:
  1. Check for heat and smoke on and under the door prior to exiting a room.
  2. Open the door slowly and observe for smoke or fire in the corridor.
  3. Close all doors behind you.
  4. Follow instructions from the fire marshal or proceed to the nearest unblocked exit stairway.
  1. Direct individuals requiring assistance to the area identified on the evacuation plans posted on the floor.
  2. Report their location to Campus Security using the emergency call box on the floor.
  3. Continue evacuating out of the building down the block or as directed by emergency responders.
Blocked Stairways or Exit:
  1. Take shelter in the nearest room and place a cloth under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  2. Notify Campus Security of your location.
  3. Signal your location to emergency responders by waving an object outside the window.
  4. If heavy smoke enters the room, break top window to expel smoke and the bottom to admit fresh air.

Bomb Threat / Suspicious Items

In the case of a fire condition:
  1. Maintain communication with the caller, inquiring about their identity, location and description of the device.
  2. Advise someone else to notify Campus Security, while talking with individual.
  3. Report details of the call to an officer upon evacuating the building.
When a suspicious item is found:
  1. Do not touch, move or disturb it. Avoid using cell phone or radio communication.
  2. Using an office phone or emergency call box, call Campus Security, then your supervisor.
  3. Direct people away from the area until help arrives.

Suspicious or Disturbing Behavior

If an individual is displaying suspicious or disturbing behavior:
  1. Call 911 if threat of harm or criminal in nature
  2. Report individual to Campus Security.

Medical Emergency

In the case of a medical emergency:
  1. Call 911
  2. Notify Campus Security.
  3. Alert others of the emergency.
  4. Stay with the individuals until assistance arrives.
  5. Until help arrives: a. Do not move individual
    b. Watch for changes in their breathing and consciousness
    c. Monitor their body temperature and adjust their clothing accordingly
    d. Assure them that medical assistance is coming

Incident Involving a Weapon

If an individual armed with a weapon threatens harm to self or others:
  1. Evacuate or retreat to a place of safety, warning others of the danger.
  2. If evacuation is not possible, go to a room that may be locked or barricaded with available furniture.
  3. Move away from corridor windows; turn off lights and computers.
  4. Quietly call 911 and Campus Security.
  5. Remain in the room until all clear is given by law enforcement

Utility Failure

In the case of a utility failure:
  1. Use flashlights.
  2. Turn off electrical, office equipment.
  3. Do not unplug the phone.
  4. Remain in place, unless imminent threat to your safety.
  5. Await instructions relayed over public address system or fire marshal.
  6. Notify campus security if you or others require assistance with evacuating.
  7. Emergency lighting will be activated in stairways and exits.

Severe Weather Condition

In the case of a severe weather alert:
  1. Listen for directives from the public address system located on each floor or take protective covering in one of the following areas: a. Basement
    b. Restrooms without windows
    c. Interior corridor on ground floor or lowest level.
  2. Avoid these areas: a. Lobbies
    b. Atrium
    c. Rooms with windows
    d. Auditoriums
    e. Hallways that could be a “wind tunnel”.
Please see Emergency Response Procedures for a more detailed explanation of procedures.