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Graduate Laban CMA


Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis

PLEASE NOTE: The 18-credit, 14-month GL-CMA curriculum spans from April to August. The next cycle begins in April 2014 and ends in August 2015. Generally, classes meet one weekend each month. Please contact the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Department at 312-369-7697 for more details.

Taking the seminal work of Rudolf Laban to a new level of integration, qualified students in this certificate program learn to apply movement analysis in a therapeutic and artistic setting. This is a program that provides a comprehensive study of movement meaning and it's application to body/mind therapies and the performing arts.

The curriculum is designed to take theory into practice, making applicable the links between Laban's theory of movement and the specific context and processes of expressive and somatic arts.

The analytical framework developed by Laban facilitates acuity in observing and assessing movement patterns.  The comprehensive nature of the framework allows movement issues to be addressed from multiple perspectives; clinically and in performance.  Beyond this, holistic paradigms of harmony and balance in Laban theory suggest further ways in which movement can enhance the regenerative processes and expression of the body/mind.

The program is designed for somatic therapists and artists who wish to approach an understanding of the body/mind and its expression from a holistic perspective.  It is appropriate for massage therapists, dance therapists, physical therapists, fitness trainers, actors dancers, and others engaged in somatic education, therapeutic practice and performance.

Applicants are required to have a Bachelor's Degree and experience in an anatomy course before being accepted into the program.

An Intro to Laban course serves as part of the Graduate Laban CMA curriculum and is also open to the general public.  Contact the department for further information.

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