Graduate Admissions

Master of Arts Management MAM

Arts Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Master of Arts Management students interested in Arts Entrepreneurship that foster entrepreneurial thinking, which will help them to conceive and cultivate business opportunities in the arts. Courses examine methods for fundraising, building and maintaining lasting partnerships, and techniques for negotiations and conflict resolution.

Students pursuing Master of Arts Management degrees have interned with or been hired by MTV Networks, International Creative Management, The Tribune Companies, The American Museum of Natural History, and Universal Music Group.

Possible electives include:

Partnership Building

This course focuses on the principles necessary to develop and sustain successful partnerships. Students are instructed in applying asset-based methodologies, articulating common goals, roles and responsibilities of all project participants, creating flexible timelines and exploring conflict resolution techniques.

Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation

How is a company different from an idea, a product, or a service? What does an entrepreneur need to know to best position it? What makes the business plan a critical part of the process? Why is it even more crucial now for innovators in arts, entertainment, media, and social entrepreneurship to master this process? 

This course will help you answer these questions by familiarizing you with the tools necessary to craft a viable – and sustainable – entrepreneurial business. Students will have the opportunity to develop individual business plans in parallel to the coursework. Students also work in teams on problem-solving related to course concepts, as a team of founders would do in a start-up.