Graduate Admissions

Master of Arts Management MAM

How To Apply

When applying to the MASTER OF ARTS MANAGEMENT program, you will need to submit the following:

    • ONLINE APPLICATION, with application fee.
    • Your SELF-ASSESSMENT ESSAY should discuss:
      1. Your career goals;
      2. Reasons for studying at the graduate level;
      3. Specific examples from your studies and professional experience that demonstrate your level of understanding of the arts, entertainment or media field in which you want to manage (if not clear from your resume);
      4. Examples of leadership potential, interpersonal and communication skills, analytical and reasoning capabilities, and personal qualities such as maturity, judgment, and individual initiative (if not clear from your resume);
      5. Knowledge and experience with electronic spreadsheet and relational database software programs (students may be required to complete a course in these areas).
    • TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION  (Note that recommenders are notified via email once the online application process has begun.)
    • RESUME
    • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT from any and all colleges/universities attended
    • The GRE EXAM is recommended, but not required

Who should take the GRE?
During the application review process the Admissions Committee attempts to assess each applicant's critical, analytical, and quantitative abilities, as these skills are essential to success in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management graduate program. It is sometimes the case that an applicant's transcripts contains coursework which would help illuminate this: e.g., accounting, economics, engineering, calculus, etc.. Students whose background does not contain a demonstration of critical, analytical, and quantitative skills are encouraged to take the GRE Exam so it can be used as a basis for evaluation.

    • Applicants interested in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management MAM program are welcome to submit an OPTIONAL WORK SAMPLE.  This is NOT required. 

OPTIONAL WORK SAMPLE SUBMISSION METHOD:  You may upload one file to our online portfolio submission portal at*  Permitted file type and size limits are:

> IMAGES: .jpg, .png, .gif — 5 MB per file maximum
> VIDEO: .mov, .wmv, .flv — 60 MB per file maximum (You may also link to media from Vimeo and Youtube)
> PDF DOCS: .pdf — 10 MB per file maximum

Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instruction for submitting work. For technical assistance, visit SlideRoom Support. Please direct any other questions about work samples to the Graduate Office at 312-369-7260.

*SlideRoom charges users a $10 transaction fee. By using SlideRoom, applicants avoid the expense of copying and mailing their work samples and avoid the risk of corrupted files, lost mail, broken discs, or cross-platform issues. Additionally, applicants can rest assured that the Graduate Committee on Admissions will experience their portfolio exactly how they intended.

THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for admission include:

  • an undergraduate college degree with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better (on a scale with a maximum of 4.0)
  • relevant experience in a professional field, and/or equivalent college practice and understanding.

PLEASE NOTE: In rare cases, a phone interview may be required during the admission process. If necessary, the department will contact the student directly regarding the interview.

International Students INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS must submit all of the above materials, as well as an official TOEFL score and a credential evaluation. Additional documents are required of admitted students. Please visit our International Students page for more information.