Graduate Admissions

Master of Arts Management MAM

Music Business Management

Master of Arts Management students interested in Music Business Management can take electives that explore best practices in the recording industry in the digital age. Courses examine a variety of topics, such as effective digital rights management and cultural analysis of media and the entertainment industry.

Students pursuing a Master of Arts Management degree have interned with or been hired by Jam Productions, Atlantic Records in New York, MTV Networks, EMI Music in Los Angeles, and Universal Music Group.

Possible electives include:

The Press, Consumers, and the Entertainment Industry

Through analysis of popular music and criticism, students gain an understanding of the historical aspects of criticism as it relates to art and entertainment. Instruction focuses on critical cultural analysis and intensive critical arts writing in a succinct style that is accessible to consumers.

Decision Makers in Music Business

Effective managers must consistently make good decisions to set the pace and direction of an organization. This course examines the decision making process in the context of various current issues related to the music industry. An exploration of record label operations, publishing, touring, distribution, technology, artist management and ethics will set the backdrop for in-depth analysis of the rapidly changing music entertainment environment.