Graduate Admissions

Alternate Route Certificate

22 Credit Hours
Application Deadline: December 13, 2013

Alternate Route Certificate

Practitioners with an MA in a human services related field enter this accelerated program to enhance their counseling practice with dance/movement therapy methodologies

Alternate route is available to students interested in earning their D.T.R (Dance Therapist Registered), credentials from the American Dance Therapy Association. Eligible students must hold an MA in Counseling, Psychology or related field and wish to enrich their abilities with our dance/movement therapy core curriculum.

The 22 credit hour curriculum is spread out over 5 semesters.  The curricular plan includes core theory and clinical practicum. (Course descriptions available here.) Applications are due in mid-December every year for beginning classes the following Fall.

Due to the program’s structure, students enrolled in the Alternate Route Certificate of the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling Department are only eligible for financial aid as a part-time Graduate student (enrolled for 6 credits) during the two Fall semesters of enrollment.  The Spring and Summer semesters will require a change in enrollment status to student-at-large from part-time graduate student since credits drop below six.  You are not eligible for student aid under six credits.

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