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Interdisciplinary Arts MA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Be Enrolled Part-Time?
Yes. The MA program in Interdisciplinary Arts is designed to accommodate students who wish to go to school part-time. Part-time students take 6 hours in the fall and spring semesters, and one summer course for two years to complete their degrees, and all required classes are offered in the evening to allow students to hold day jobs. We also offer an Intensive Summer low-residency feature which consists of two nine-week summer sessions and independent study during the interim year.
When Do Classes Meet?
All required classes for the Interdisciplinary Arts MA program meet in the evening, from 6:30 – 9:20 p.m., except for one of our required summer classes, which meets as a five-day intensive. Classes for the Interdisciplinary Arts MA Low-Residency Summer Intensive program meet at various times of the day and evening.
How Is the Program Structured?
Full-time students can complete the Interdisciplinary Arts MA degree in one year, going to class four evenings a week fall and spring, and taking two summer classes. This provides an intense, immersive experience in the arts, guaranteed to change anyone’s artistic practice. Part-time students take exactly half the program their first year, completing it in the summer of year two. Students in the Interdisciplinary Arts MA Low-Residency Summer Intensive program complete the degree in just over fourteen months.
What Kind of Background Does a Successful Applicant Typically Have?
The MA program seeks students with an evolved artistic practice of some sort.  That is not to say that we require students to hold a degree in one of the arts, but that they have been making work in one of the arts for a substantial amount of time, and are seeking to explore new ideas and methods for making work, or taking their artistic and professional practices to another level.
Are There Any Program-Specific Scholarships Available?
Not at this time. For a complete listing of College-wide scholarships, click here.
What Facilities Are Available to Your Students?
MA students have access to the department’s two computer labs and media equipment that is introduced in classes.  The department also has a pool of general access media equipment that MA students can check out, and can gain access to other department equipment and media through training.
Who Are the Core Faculty?
For a listing, click here.
Who Are Some Noteworthy Alumni?
MA alums have been extremely high-achieving individuals, and include composer and media artist Elise Kermani, choreographer and dancer Eduardo Vilaro,(founder of Luna Negra Dance Company in Chicago), performance artist Nicole Garneau, MCA curator Tricia Van Eck, experimental playwright Barrie Cole, Indigo Magazine co-founder Kai El Zabar, children’s book author Jerdine Nolen Harold (whose book Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm was made into a Disney film), and Julie Smith, Director of Education for the Vancouver Improvisational Music Festival.

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