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Columbia College Chicago
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Students don’t come to Columbia College Chicago because someone else tells them to. It’s a destination they choose as the best place to pursue their passions for dance, writing, radio, film, poetry, music, and dozens of other majors.

When they come, they bring with them the marvelous diversity of personalities, interests, geographies, cultures, ideas, ambitions, and stories that combine to become the Columbia experience.

They come prepared to embark on a journey.

Inspiring Connections

Columbia College Chicago is all about connecting—with new ideas, influential people, and transformative

Here, theory and practice, concepts and outcomes, are inextricably linked. It is a place where students, with their rich diversity of passion and experience, come together to learn. They learn from our outstanding faculty, who are not only teachers but professional leaders in their fields. They learn from one another, as peers, as collaborators in the classroom and beyond. And they learn from the
community, from the city of Chicago, with all its grit and glamour, its world-class arts scene, its storied history and notorious openness to those with the energy and inclination to make a difference. We invite
students to come to Columbia and make these connections, to engage in as many new experiences as they can.

Authoring Culture

Our campus offers an intellectual home for our students, a safe haven for them to collect experiences, try out new ideas, and expand their self-awareness. We push them beyond their safety zones, encouraging them to be involved in things they’ve never seen before and may have never imagined. We show them slums and palaces, angst and beauty, heartbreak and joy. We ask them to tell their stories, through words, sound, movement, images, and ideas. If we do this well, they are transformed through their own efforts, action, and reflection. They learn to think critically and conceptually and to apply their knowledge of the world to the cultural products they offer to it.

We educate students to become active participants in the twenty-first-century world, well equipped to author the culture of our time.