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Columbia College Chicago
A New Take On Things
A New Take on Things

“It’s what we do as filmmakers: we take something as innocuous and simple as a fact and make it a story.”

—James Griffin

DDB, a Chicago advertising agency, wanted to create a series of short films to illustrate facts one might discover at the Field Museum, their client. The agency arranged to collaborate with Columbia College Chicago, and a partnership was born. Senior James Griffin, a DDB intern, put together a team of live-action and animation students to create, write, direct, shoot, and do postproduction on the pieces. “We’re seeing how it is to work with a large advertising agency, what that process is like in the real world,” he says. “Pitching, networking, collaboration: just real-life experience,” adds Vikki Chears. “And we’re learning how to tell a story, creatively. Technical skills may come and go, but that knowledge to tap into your creativity and put that into your work is everlasting.”

L To R: Hannah Dolbeer Film & Video, Class of 2012 / James Griffin Film & Video / Editing, Class of 2009 / Adriana Gomez Film & Video / Animation, Class of 2009 / Gabriel Veras Film & Video/Editing, Class of 2009 / Vikki Chears Film & Video/Editing, Class of 2009