Annual Report 2010 Columbia College Chicago
Carrie Jones Video play

Carrie Jones ASL-English Interpretation

“I grew up the creative one—singing, dancing, acting.
Everyone else was completely different.”

I was very naïve and didn’t know much about the world until I came here. Being dropped in this big city alone, I’ve definitely learned a lot of things, and I’ve gotten a lot of help from my faculty and staff members and friends here at Columbia.

I have three scholarships. Having those scholarships is really the only reason I’m here, the only ticket. So I’m greatly appreciative of all of them and all the people who donated.

I work within my department, the American Sign Language department. I’m a federal work study student. I get to work here and also go to school here, so I’m always in the environment.

After graduating from Columbia, I would love to work in a school. I really enjoy educational interpreting. I would also like to do freelance, maybe being able to do local shows and plays right here in Chicago.

I think this is a great campaign. Since I’ve been here, a lot of my friends had to drop out, due to financial reasons, and I hate that money plays such a big part in whether or not you’re able to further your education. So by having this, you’re giving kids the dream that I have right now.

Columbia really is everything that I’ve been talking about. It’s an experience of a lifetime, and it’s something I will never forget.

“Columbia really is everything that I’ve been talking about.
It’s an experience of a lifetime...”