Annual Report 2010 Columbia College Chicago
Marco Scola Video play

Marco Scola Broadcast Journalism

“You want to learn in a hands-on way in a creative environment.
And I just felt that Columbia really fit that for me.”

I was born with a lot of medical problems, so I wasn’t one of those kids that was able to do a lot, but somewhere along the way, I got a love for sports. Because I couldn’t play them, because of my medical disabilities, I figured out, “You know what? Maybe I should talk about them,” and it sort of stemmed from there.

Columbia just caught my eye right away. I met with the head of the radio department. She says, “You have a knack for play-by-play, I can hear it in your voice. When you’re here, you can call all our play-by-play, even as a freshman.” I’m like, “I’m on board, because all these other schools are like, ‘You can’t touch it until you’re a junior, sometimes even a senior,’” and I feel that’s not right. You want to learn in a hands-on way in a creative environment where the teachers encourage you to do something like that. And I just felt Columbia really fit that for me.

I received two scholarships from Columbia College Chicago. Receiving the scholarships has helped myself and my family tremendously.

I think Columbia College’s effort to raise money for scholarships is one of the best things they could do. You have so many brilliant minds that are denied an opportunity because of funds. If the college is doing something about it, to try and raise more money to give more scholarships to give more people the opportunity, then I think it’s brilliant.

Everybody here has a drive and the willpower to create something that can wow people someday. You’re literally looking at the future of the film business, the future of the music business, the future of radio, television, journalism—anything here, this is the future. I really think there is no school like Columbia.

“Everybody here has a drive and willpower
to create something that can wow people someday.”