Annual Report 2010 Columbia College Chicago
Peter Teschner Video play

Peter Teschner Alumnus and Donor

“I choose to support the college financially
because it really made a big difference in my life.”

I got the bug for filmmaking, and I went to Columbia, and I just got it. It made sense to me, it was exciting, and it was the first thing in my life that really started to excite me and something that I wanted to do. I’m really grateful to the school because that provided me with that environment in which to learn and actually have a successful career.

The school is making an effort to raise money through scholarships, and people should give money if they can. It’s just that simple.

I think one of the best reasons to give to Columbia is because it’s such a hands-on college. It’s really, really a fascinating place, and it’s different from so many other schools. It’s really just a wonderful artistic environment. I just think Columbia’s the right kind of school. It certainly was for me—to be taught by professionals, and have a very hands-on approach. And I think that’s what makes the school unique, and that’s what makes it really, really exceptional.

What’s exciting about the school’s growth is the growth itself. The fact that they’re this huge landowner in the South Loop—the Media Production Center that was recently opened is just amazing.

What’s changing about the way students learn at Columbia now is that the school’s so cutting edge when it comes to the technology.

I think what makes Columbia unique is the ability to dive into your field and learn, and maybe stumble a little bit, but you’re out there actually learning how to use the tools of your trade within the first year, within the first semester. And I think that’s what makes it an exciting place.

“What I see when I go back is a really, really vibrant place
that just seems to be expanding in the right way.”