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Columbia College Chicago
Experiential Learning
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Experiential Learning

Chicago as Classroom

Columbia College's mission encourages involvement with the community by empowering undergraduates to leave the confines of the classroom and explore how their artistic practice can potentially transform society. This would not be possible without a commitment to experiential-learning and civic engagement by both the College and CCAP.

"I truly believe that if we enable youth and communities to capture the essence of how the arts can be a positive reflection of themselves, then positive social, political, economic and educational changes will occur at the will of the people."

—Ayesha (Sista Soul), AYCD graduate program

In partnership with community members and the Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence (CITE), CCAP helps develop ways to infuse courses with experiential-learning components that address community-identified goals and specific course objectives.
Through experiential-learning and civic engagement, the City of Chicago becomes the classroom for over 100 undergraduates each year at Columbia. They are given unique opportunities to apply what they learn through the development of community arts projects, impacting the lives of all those involved.


CCAP currently supports over a dozen experiential-learning courses at Columbia College. For the full list of these courses, click here.

Photo credit (top): Nicole Garneau