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Transforming Education through the Arts & Media (TEAM) is an arts integration initiative that focuses exclusively on new and digital media.  TEAM connects Columbia College media artists and students with Chicago Public School teachers to create units of study that weave together academics, arts, and technology. 

TEAM seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Nurture partnerships between Columbia College and Chicago Public Schools
  • Increase student achievement in math and reading
  • Deepen student engagement and motivation 
  • Enhance teachers’ skills in collaboration, technology use, and arts integration


PhotoGRAPH: Visual Algebra from Columbia College TEAM on Vimeo.



TEAM is rooted in the value of Transliteracy in the 21st Century.  With the rising ubiquity and accessibility of all types of media, the definition of literacy has changed, and schools are now being asked to prepare their students to navigate a diverse and crowded digital landscape.  It is no longer enough for a young person to be able to read words on a page; he must also be able to “read” images, systems, platforms, and ever-evolving modes of communication.  Not only that, this generation has grown up in the reality of Web 2.0; with the click of a button they can be contributors to a world-wide conversation.  Truly it has never been easier for young people to author the culture of their times.  TEAM hopes to empower young people to read, write, and create fluently, fluidly, critically, and meaningfully across this dynamic landscape.

To get more information, or to get involved, contact Maurya Orr at 312-369-8861 or morr@colum.edu.

View our blog for regular updates on our current projects with students throughout Chicago.

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TEAM is funded in whole by the U.S. Department of Education through an Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grant, and is run in partnership with Chicago Public Schools Technology Magnet School Program.