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CCAP activates the Columbia College Principles for Student Success in support of the community. We welcome any creative who wants to get involved, from one-time volunteers to those looking to employ their passion.

The Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) builds programs that connect Columbia students to Chicago’s vibrant community arts sector, helping to support the next generation of engaged creatives. CCAP is looking for students from all walks of life who are curious about the role art plays in communities, and all the BIG things it can do— like enacting social change, transforming learning, or bringing people together in meaningful ways. If this is you, CCAP wants to put you to work in the community.

Get Involved

EXPLORERS: You want to explore the city and meet interesting people while doing good things.

Sample actions through CCAP:

ACTIVISTS: You have ideas for the way the world should be, see yourself as the spark it needs to change, and want opportunities that ignite this fire.

Sample actions through CCAP:

EDUCATORS: You want opportunities that prepare you for a life of educating others.

Sample actions through CCAP:

Fancy yourself all of the above? Feel free to check out all that CCAP has to offer! Many Columbia students have in fact participated in the full spectrum of CCAP BIGArt.

If you have questions, or a bright idea, email us at ccapinfo@colum.edu or sign up today!

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CCAP BIGArt is a collaboration between New Student Programs and the Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP).