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CCAP BIGArt | Earn Course Credit
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CCAP BIGArt | Earn Course Credit

CCAP is committed to using our programs in schools and community-based settings as learning laboratories for Columbia students. That means CCAP BIGArt will work to place interested students in CCAP’s sites as a part of internship requirements, practicum requirements, undergraduate research, or special projects/independent studies.

How this all shakes out depends on a student’s major or minor, because every department has unique courses and requirements. So CCAP BIGArt will work with you and your advisor to see how we can make it all happen.

Sound good? Explore below to get started.

The Chicago Community as Your Classroom 


Email us for more details: ccapinfo@colum.edu


Did you know that CCAP BIGArt has an engaging JTERM Course specifically for first year students? Click here for information. 


Through the Urban Missions program and CITE, CCAP works with Columbia College academic departments to bring place courses in community settings. It’s a great way to work in the community while getting credit.

Here’s a list of service-learning course that CCAP supports:

  • U.S Foreign Policy - 50-1302: Partners with non profit organizations to discuss and examine the crucial role of U.S foreign policy and its importance and implications both for the U.S and other countries.
  • Oral Expressions - 52-1401: Partners with a local school or community based organization to introduce Columbia students and community youth to informative, persuasive and occasional modes of public speaking and helps students develop well organized and purposeful speeches.
  • The Television Producer - 40-2201: Introduces students to the duties of the television producer, focusing primarily on the producer’s role in all phases of the production by creating different types of programming for non profit organizations as clients.
  • Documenting Social Injustice - 40-3340: Enables students to become familiar with a range of social justice issues while working in teams on documenting their impressions and creating public service announcements for community based arts organizations.
  • Theater Practicum - 31-2950: Engages students in the theory and practice of teaching theatre to youth by partnering with a local charter school in their theatre programs.
  • Percussion Ensemble - 32-2830: Develops sight reading ability and ensemble skills by acting as a performance ensemble performing annually in ElevArte Community Studio’s Day of the Dead celebration.
  • Ad Agency - 54-3978: Teaches students how to function in an advertising agency as a specialist and as a member of an agency team by working with non profit organizations as actual clients in real assignments.
  • Interactive Advertising Campaign Development - 54-2606: Offered and taught jointly by Interactive Arts and Media and the Marketing Communication Department, students develop interactive advertising campaigns for select products/services of community based organizations.
  • Writing and Rhetoric I - 52-1151: Helps students understand and refine their own writing processes by connecting personal reflection with critical analysis and providing varied opportunities for writing by partnering with a non profit organization to raise awareness for a social justice issue in the city of Chicago.
  • Radio Workshop - 41-3500: Students identify significant community problems, issues and needs and how these areas are addressed by creating public service programming for a partnering community based arts organization.
  • People Power and the Media, J-Session - 41-2112J: A problem solving course utilizing current events for inquiry, reflection and the practice of civic responsibility where students engage with a community based organization to produce an issue specific podcast and/or blog independently or on the website of the community group.
  • Writing for Managers - 28-2120: Emphasizes the importance of professional written communication for artists, entrepreneurs, and managers by teaching students how to identify the appropriate media to reach target audiences and achieve intended communication goals.
  • First Year Seminar - 48-1100: Is grounded in interdisciplinary studies this course helps prepare students for their subsequent years at Columbia and their future as responsible citizens and authors of the culture of their time by connecting students to non profit organizations encouraging them to embrace city as classroom.
  • BIGart, J-Session - 38-1581J: Provides first year students an introduction to the professional field of teaching artistry allowing students to work directly with young people on collaborative art projects in a classroom and community based organization setting.
  • Gallery Management Practicum - 28-4020: Provides hands on gallery management, exhibition, curatorial, and design experience for students of all majors by partnering with local/international artists to curate a show in the Hokin Gallery.