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CCAP BIGArt | First Year Students
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CCAP BIGArt | First Year Students

Be a part of something BIG

You have a UPASS, so why not take it for a spin?

It’s not enough to go to school in Chicago, you’ve got to live in Chicago. CCAP BIGArt events are a new student's first step in being an engaged citizen of the city, and to see the many communities of which Columbia College Chicago is a partner of.  

Once a month, CCAP BIGArt provides first-year students with an afternoon of art-making with kids of all ages. It's an opportunity for first-year students to see more of the city, meet new friends, and pick up some new skills– all while helping kids more fully express themselves.

Our next event is on Friday, April 11th.

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A BIGArt | First Year Students event typically looks like this...

First, we meet on campus (usually at CCAP) to learn a bit more about the art project that we will be participating in, and the school and/or community organization that we will be visiting. Then, we all take the CTA together to the community or school location (unless transit isn't an available option-- in that case we will be taking a big yellow bus). Once we arrive at the site, we will greeted by CCAP / Columbia staff, who will acclimate us to the community and the kids we will be working with. Now here comes the fun part: you work side-by-side with kids while being led through a 90-minute art project by one of CCAP's master teaching artists.

During the art-making, your only job is be present, to be yourself, and most importantly, to support students in expressing themselves creatively. It's critical that kids meet smart and creative people like you. Conversely, it's even more important you meet these kids. They are amazing!


CCAP BIGArt is a collaboration between New Student Programs and the Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP).