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Columbia College Chicago
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CCAP BIGArt JTERM is a course for first year students that supports them working within Chicago Public Schools and community-based arts organizations, while exposing them to the exciting field of teaching artistry. This course is an intensive, designed for students who are interested in doing good things in the world with their creative practice, or are interested in exploring the fields of education, arts activism, or community development through the arts. 

This course will:

  • Help students deepen their connection with their own creative practice.
  • Provide students with real life work experience within an education setting.
  • Introduce students to professional networks throughout the Chicago arts community.
  • Support students in documenting and generating professional pieces in their porfolio. 

CCAP BIGArt J-term is an amazing opportunity for any student looking to apply and practice their work on a whole new level of professional practice. 


The nitty gritty:

  • The course is three credits.
  • Credits can be applied towards the teaching artist minor if the student chooses that direction or count towards elective credit.
  • J-Term tuition is included in spring tuition and can be included in the flat rate up to 16 credits. For example, if a student takes this course during J-Term and 13 more credit hours during the spring semester, s/he will bank 16 credit hours for the same price.