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Columbia @ Park City, Utah, 2011

Columbia @ Park City, Utah, 2011

Columbia College Chicago had a big presence in Park City and a full slate of activities while the 2011 Sundance Film Festival was taking place, January 21-24. In our third year at Park City, we hosted alumni, friends of Columbia, industry professionals – including leaders of the Sundance Film Institute – and festival-goers at several weekend events at the Waldorf Astoria Park City.

"Once again, this was an excellent opportunity to catch up with our alumni and friends and to showcase the remarkable work they are doing. We're looking forward to next year's event being even bigger," said Vice President of Institutional Advancement Eric V.A. Winston, noting that this year's success was built on a relationship started from a suggestion three years ago by Trustee Lori Ehlenbach, and her husband John.

This year, an open house with more than 150 guests in attendance opened the weekend on Friday night. A highlight of the activities was a well-attended reception on Sunday with a one-on-one conversation program with 1987 alumnus and 2010 Oscar winning cinematographer Mauro Fiore conducted by Film and Video Chair Bruce Sheridan. At a Saturday luncheon, Dean of the School of Media Arts Doreen Bartoni presented a discussion on "Evolving Media Arts Education" and Mr. Sheridan provided a glimpse into the newly approved MFA Degree in Creative Producing. 

A Monday morning panel discussion featured speakers from the Sundance Institute including Caroline Libresco, senior programmer for the Sundance Film Festival, and Rahdi Taylor, associate director of documentary film program for the Institute. John Cooper, director of the Sundance Film Festival, also stopped by the breakfast reception to greet guests.

In connection with our presence in Park City, a documentary was shot about the formative experiences of two young Columbia film alumni attending the Festival for the first time to promote their films. Read more about the all-Columbia production and see the one-minute trailer.


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