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Columbia College Chicago
Alexandroff Legacy Society
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Alexandroff Legacy Society

The Alexandroff Legacy Society is being established to honor and acknowledge the vision of individuals remembering Columbia College Chicago in their estate plans.  Individuals who participate in this program in 2010 will be recognized as Founding Members.

Mirron “Mike” Alexandroff served as President of Columbia College Chicago from 1962 to 1992.  As President, he helped transform a struggling unaccredited college with an enrollment of 175 students, 25 part – time faculty and zero financial assets into the largest arts and communications college in the country.  A life – long activist for social justice, he believed that everyone was entitled to a chance to succeed.

How to Qualify for Membership
    • Notify Columbia College Chicago that you have included the college in your will or living trust
    • Establish a gift with the college that provides income payment to you for life, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust
    • Create a lead trust that provides annual contributions to the college prior to distribution to family
    • Name the college as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan
    • Confirm a charitable commitment through an irrevocable or testamentary pledge

There is no minimum giving level to join the Alexandroff Legacy Society, and your membership is granted for life.  Documentation of your generosity may include a letter from your attorney affirming the commitment, or a copy of the relevant portion of the legal document in which the gift is described.

To become a member of The Alexandroff Legacy Society, please send an email to giving@colum.edu.  All information will be maintained in the strictest confidence.  If you wish, you may be an anonymous donor.

Benefits of Membership Include   
    • Invitations to special receptions and events
    • Lifetime subscription to DEMO, the college’s dynamic alumni magazine featuring leaders in arts, media and communications in fields as diverse as television, film, dance, etc.
    • Recognition of your gift in the college’s annual report