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The Alumni Scholarship
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The Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship Fund is dedicated to financially supporting junior- and senior-year students at Columbia College. Established by a group of Columbia alumni in 2003, the scholarship has been awarded to 29 students who have exhibited extraordinary merit and need.

Your Support  of the Alumni Scholarship Fund helps:
  • Retain the best, brightest, and most creative students
  • Preserve the socio-economic diversity that makes Columbia a unique institution
  • Heighten the growing international reputation of the school
  • Expand the amount of scholarships available to creative & academic achievers
  • Fulfill students' dreams!

Past Alumni Scholarship Fund Winners

graphic design, class of 2007

"Having the support of the Alumni Award in my senior year allowed me, financially, to further my studies in the field of graphic design and art history."
graphic design, class of 2007

"The Alumni Scholarship Fund has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It has allowed me to focus on my studies while relieving the burden of tuition." 
dance, class of 2005

"The Alumni Scholarship Fund allowed me to focus my time outside of class, not on trying to make ends meet, but on my real work.  It allowed me to work deeply and intricately at developing a visionary dance work for my B.F.A concert, The Transformation of Things.  The luxury of committing my time and energy to choreographing throughout the crucial year preceding graduation led to invaluable career opportunities and successes in the world outside Columbia."
Photo by Erika Dufour (BA '97)
fashion design, class of 2004

"With the Alumni Scholarship support I was able to devote time to creating my Senior Fashion Collection and portfolio of work without having to juggle two part-time jobs."
marketing communications, class of 2006

"With this support I have completed a four-year degree in just two and a half years, with time to develop my own business."