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Naming Opportunities
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Naming Opportunities

Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression

Naming Ceremony and Reception
Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quincy Wong, the late actor, model, director, writer, and producer, passed away on July 8, 2002 in Evanston, Illinois, at the age of 48.

The Wong family, along with many friends and supporters, established the Quincy Wong Endowment Fund at the Center for Asian Arts and Media at Columbia College Chicago in honor of his outstanding artistic achievements and his influence in the development of Asian Pacific American arts in Chicago.

Hokin Annex, a multidisciplinary performance space at Columbia College's 623 S. Wabash Ave. Building, has been renamed "The Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression." A new scholarship fund, The Quincy Wong Scholarship for the Arts, will be made available to Columbia College students in theater and performing arts.

This celebration event was hosted by the President and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Columbia College Chicago to recognize the generosity of the Wong family and friends who so fervently embraced Quincy's lifelong pursuit and CAAM's mission to advance the arts and media by and about Asians and Asian Americans.

The following is a sampling of spaces throughout the Columbia College Chicago campus available for naming.  For additional information regarding naming opportunities, please contact Chandra Dennis at 312.369.7795

Media Production Center Main Sound Stage
At the corner of 16th and State Streets

Throughout the industry, Columbia College graduates are accorded respect for the well-rounded education they have received, and the experience they have gained.  With the new Media Production Center, our students will also bring the experience of having worked in a major motion picture facility to their first employer or independent project. 

The Main Sound Stage will allow our production students to model the real work as they learn the protocols of being on a set and fully understand the distinct qualities of film and digital production in order to make intelligent choices as they begin their careers as filmmakers.  The Main Sound Stage will also provide students the opportunity to work year-round in a professional environment and build a portfolio with the range and depth expected from graduates of a leading film school.

Administrative Department/School: Film & Video/School of Media Arts
Square Footage: Approximately 7,350 sq. ft.

Media Production Center Motion Capture Studio
At the corner of 16th and State Streets

The Columbia College Media Production Center will allow Columbia students to gain a competitive edge in the media industry.  Motion capture technology, which isolates the recording of visual information for use in animation and game design, is a common tool in the film industry and has played a vital role in the growth of computer animation and video game design.  As computer-generated effects become a staple of commercial cinema aesthetic, access to robust motion capture production resources is an increasingly necessary part of media arts education.  It is crucial that all students have an opportunity to conceptualize, plan, and execute the sequences of motion capture production.

Administrative Department/School: Film & Video/School of Media Arts
Square Footage: Approximately 2,085 sq. ft.


“The Court”
731 S. Plymouth Ct.

The student lounge known as “The Court” is the focal point of the first-floor entrance of Columbia College’s newly-renovated premier student residence located at 731 S. Plymouth Court, home to approximately 350 Columbia College Chicago students.  The design of "The Court" is open yet distinct.  In addition to serving as a lounge, the space can also be used for gatherings and intimate performances.

Administrative Department/School: 
The Office of Student Affairs and Student Life
Dimensions: 82’ x 50’
Square Footage: 4,100 sq. ft.


Wellness Center
731 S. Plymouth Ct.

The Wellness Center housed in the newly-renovated student residence located at 731 S. Plymouth Court provides an on-campus source for improving and maintaining the health, vitality and well-being of Columbia College students and staff.  The Wellness Center includes the student Fitness Center, a gym equipped with free weights, machines, treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, lockers, showers, and yoga and pilates classes taught in the Lower Level Fitness Studio.  The Student Counseling Center is designed to help students address individual concerns, increase self-awareness, and provide empowerment for the management of challenging areas in their lives.  The Student Health Center, staffed with a physician or a nurse practitioner, is available for immediate medical attention, treatment of minor illnesses, outpatient clinical evaluation, and referrals and illness prevention.

Administrative Department/School: The Office of Student Affairs 
Dimensions and Square Footage:
    Fitness Center Gym: 74’ x 45’, 3,330 sq. ft.
    Fitness Center Studio: 2,400 sq. ft.
    Student Counseling Center: 1,800 sq. ft.
    Student Health Center: 800 sq. ft.


A + D Graphics Lab
623 S. Wabash Avenue, Rm. 900

The Art & Design Graphics Lab is the third and most recent departmental computer lab under the direction of the Department of Art & Design.  The space incorporates a laboratory equipped with 60 Apple computers running approximately 70 graphics-based software systems, 20 scanners, three laser printers, two color laser printers, one medium-format printer, two large-format printers, a production area and two large classroom spaces.  The lab was created to teach aesthetic principles while emphasizing the importance of competency in computer-based technologies.  The computer lab is utilized by Art & Design students for individual study and classroom instruction.

Administrative Department/School: Art & Design/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Dimensions: 82’ x 35’
Square Footage: 2,800 sq. ft.


A + D Printmaking Studio
623 S. Wabash Avenue, 2nd Floor

The Art & Design Printmaking Studio is a state-of-the-art facility available to students completing coursework in printmaking as part of their concentration in fine arts.  This is one of several studios and labs under the direction of the Department of Art & Design where students can engage in the practical application of their studies by combining personal experience, concept development, and visual form.  This facility is utilized for classes and workshops teaching etching, silk screening, and lithography.

Administrative Department/School: Art & Design/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Square Footage: 4,000 sq. ft.


Admissions Tour Center
Alexandroff Campus Center
600 S. Michigan Avenue, 1st Floor

The newly-renovated Admissions Tour Center, located on the first floor of the Alexandroff Campus Center, is the welcoming center and first point of contact for new and prospective Columbia College students and their parents who are making their initial visit to our campus.

Administrative Department/School: The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions
Square Footage: 1,500 sq. ft.


Classic Studio
72 W. 11th Street, 1st Floor

The Classic Studio is a 60-seat, black box theater—a simple performance space, consisting of black walls and a simple floor.  The space is versatile, easy to change, build, and maintain because it incorporates basic technical arrangements, limited sets, and simple lighting effects.  Seating can be easily moved or removed as dictated by the needs of a production.  The Classic Studio is used primarily by directing students to stage class projects and final presentations.  It is ideal for this purpose because the space facilitates an intimate focus on story, writing, and performances rather than technical support: a 12-channel light board, a cassette player, amplifier, and speakers.

Administrative Department/School: Theater/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Dimensions: 48’ x 32’
Square Footage: 1,536 sq. ft.


The Dance Center Theater
1306 S. Michigan Avenue

The Dance Center Theater is a 272-seat, state-of-the-art facility and the main performance space for The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago.  The primary purpose of The Dance Center Theater is that of an exhibition space for the presentation of pieces by students and nationally and internationally known professional companies and choreographers.  The space also has a dual function as a classroom where dance students participate in classes and master workshops taught by working artists and visiting artist teachers.

Administrative Department/School: Dance/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Dimensions: 74’ x 78’
Square Footage: 5,800 sq. ft.


Digital Convergence Newsroom 
33 E. Congress, 2nd Floor

The Digital Convergence Newsroom is the highly visible centerpiece of the newly renovated Journalism Department suite located on the second floor of the 33 E. Congress Building.

Students from all concentrations within the Journalism Department utilize the Digital Convergence Newsroom to learn to adapt and apply their writing and reporting skills to a range of endeavors—from editing online news packages to interviewing newsmakers in the presence of live audiences—within an educational setting that merges decades-old journalism practices with the latest media platforms. 

Administrative Department/School: Journalism/School of Media Arts
Dimensions: 33’ x 44’
Square Footage: 1,452 sq. ft.


Film Row Cinema and Reception Space
1104 S. Wabash Avenue, 8th Floor

The Film Row Cinema and Reception Space is housed on the 8th floor of the historic Ludington Building located at 1104 S. Wabash Avenue.  Film Row Cinema includes a 252-seat theater and 208-person capacity reception area and performance space.  Together, both spaces are used for a broad range of campus events including film screenings, readings, and lectures.

Administrative Department/School: Film & Video/School of Media Arts
Dimensions and Square Footage: 
Reception Space: 6,200 sq. ft.
Film Row Cinema: 60’ x 48’, 2,880 sq. ft.


The Photography Darkroom
600 S. Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor

The Photography Darkroom is one of the most extensive and advanced photography facilities in the Midwest.  The space houses 150 enlarging stations that accommodate all popular film formats in color and B&W.

The fully staffed Photography Darkroom includes the following equipment:
  • Four large communal darkrooms: two color, two B&W (111 enlargers total) with separate undergraduate and graduate darkrooms for color and B&W printing
  • Advanced darkrooms feature 3-lens turret enlargers capable of printing 35mm, medium, and 4x5 formats
  • All advanced enlarger bays have up to 20” x 24” printing capability
  • Eight film developing stations
  • Three 4x5 film developing rooms
  • Archival washers
  • Separate teaching darkrooms for B&W and color printing with 36 enlargers

Administrative Department/School: Photography/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Square Footage: approximately 9,000 sq. ft.


Photography Digital Lab
600 S. Michigan Avenue, 11th Floor

The Photography Digital Lab is one of the most advanced college-level digital labs in the country.  The digital lab gives photography students access to 120 work stations, three classrooms, an archival printing production area, a beginning and advanced scan area and a production area with 125 Apple Power Mac and Intel computers.

The Photography Digital Lab’s equipment includes:
  • 13 high-end Imacon film scanners
  • Two large-format Epson 9800 inkjet printers
  • 10 Epson 4800 and 10 Epson 4000 printers
  • A film recorder capable of recording to 35mm and 4x5 film formats

Administrative Department/School: Photography/School of Fine and Performing Arts
Square Footage: approximately 7,400 sq. ft.