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Columbia College Chicago
This is Columbia's Moment Campaign
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This is Columbia's Moment Campaign

On October 2, 2010, Chairman of the Board Allen M. Turner and President Warrick L. Carter announced the first ever comprehensive campaign in Columbia College Chicago's 120 year history. Columbia College's faculty and staff, our friends, our families, our alumni, community members, foundations, and corporations have come together to realize a simple goal – to secure the necessary resources to realize the college's highest priorities and to fulfill its mission to be an educational, social, cultural, and creative force.

"This is Columbia's Moment – Campaign for Columbia College Chicago" is a $100 million dollar historic effort that will respond to the College's needs for first and foremost, scholarship monies for our students as well as programs, operations, and special projects.

The $100 million campaign has these primary targets:

  • Current-Need Scholarships: Columbia’s many schoolwide and departmental scholarship programs have always been competitive sources of stopgap funding for undergraduate and graduate students. But Columbia College President Warrick L. Carter, Ph.D., says scholarship support is the most critical need area for Columbia’s fundraising efforts. “Our students need financial support,” Carter says. “Our number-one priority is to get money into students’ hands now.” The current scholarship-finding goal is $20 million over the next three years.
  • Program Support: Columbia offers more than 120 academic majors or programs, making it the most comprehensive source of academic study among arts and media colleges nationwide. Such dollars go toward attracting top-level faculty and developing curricula to match, but also towards facilities and equipment costs associated with those improvements.
  • Endowment: Columbia’s endowment – valued at more than $110 million as of April 30 – is considered small by private university standards. Campaign team members are on the lookout for major donors who can direct sizeable donations to Columbia’s endowment that will support scholarships, programs, facilities and dozens of other critical institutional functions. - General Support: This area includes necessary operating and capital projects. Some funds will go toward refurbishing campus spaces, such as galleries and classrooms.

Fundraising Priorities

To learn more about "This is Columbia's Moment – Campaign for Columbia College Chicago," please contact any of our Campaign team members.

Our Manifesto