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Submission Guidelines and Process
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Submission Guidelines and Process

Students.  All students currently enrolled at Columbia College Chicago are eligible to submit work for sale at ShopColumbia.  Students recieve 75% of the sale of their work. 

Recent Graduates and Alumni.  Yes, alumni are elgible to sell their work ShopColumbia.  Alumni recieve 50% of the sale of their work.
•    Due to customer demand and to best protect artwork, ShopColumbia has changed the policy regarding 2D fine art.  Photos, illustrations, prints and drawings must be framed if the artist is wanting the work displayed.   If works are framed for display, additional unframed pieces can be stored in the flat files for customers wishing to purchase unframed pieces.   

•    Paintings and framed works must have hanging hardware (ie. Picture wire or picture hanger attached to back of work).

•    Music cds and dvds must be packaged in a sleeve or plastic case. No loose cds or dvds are accepted.  At least one member of the band must be currently enrolled at Columbia College Chicago.

•    It is recommended that rings and bracelets be created in a variety of sizes to accommodate most customers.

•    If submitting fashion garments (shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, etc…), specify if you are willing to create custom pieces commissioned by customers.  

•    No advertisement of alternative sales venues (ie. Etsy.com).

•    No work will be reviewed without an Artist Statement or biography submitted. 

Submission Process
To ensure the highest quality of work, all work submitted to the store is reviewed by the ShopColumbia Review Committee.  Below is the process for submitting to the store.  Also, be sure to check out the ShopColumbia Checklist for New Artists.

Step 1.  Select your best work. What work do you want to represent you as an artist? I s the work reflective of your current skill? Is the work that you are submitting a cohesive body of work?

If your work is large, submit 1 actual piece and either digital or printed photographs of additional work. For smaller work, submit 3-5 actual pieces that represent the items you want to sell.

Step 2.  Email shop@colum.edu to schedule an appointment to submit your work for review.  All work sold in ShopColumbia is approved by the ShopColumbia Review Board. The Board is looking for: skill, craftsmanship, originality, professional presentation, and variation from items already featured in the store.

Step 3.  Submit your artist statement and the Checklist for New Artists. The board wants to know more about you as an artist.

Step 4.  The ShopColumbia Review Committee meets on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the quantity of new submissions.  There are three outcomes decided by the Committee:

1.  Approved.  The work is accepted into the store as presented.  The artist will then continue on to Step 5.
2.    Conditionally Approved.  Often the submitted work is almost ready for sale at ShopColumiba but might need one or two minor adjustments.  The Review Committee might suggest an alternative price, an alternative size depending on space availability in the store, or an alternative presentation (ie: different frame or if the work is a loose print might suggest framing or matting the work).  The ShopColumbia Review Committee will provide specific instructions for the artist.  If the artist wishes to adhere to the Committee’s recommendations, the work will then be accepted and the artist can continue on to Step 4.
3.    Denied.  
The ShopColumbia Review Committee has chosen not to accept the submitted work at the given time.  The Board might think that the work is not ready as is, might think that the work isn’t right at the current season, or might think that the work is too similar to work already in the store.  The ShopColumbia Review Committee will provide specific reasons for the work that is denied acceptance into the store.  Students are encouraged to submit amended or new work for future reviews.
Step 5. Once work is accepted into the store, a ShopColumbia representative will notify the artist.  The artist will be notified which work is accepted and the quantity of work to bring in.  ShopColumbia is not a large store, so initially the artist might be asked to bring in only a few items pending space limitations and the successful selling of the first items. 

Step 6.  The artist will agree and sign the consignment contract.  ShopColumbia charges a consignment fee for all work sold in the store.  Current students are charged a 25% consignment fee.  Alumni are charged a 50% consignment fee.  ShopColumbia consignment agreements are typically for one semester.  Click here to review the current ShopColumbia Consignment Agreement.

Step 7.  The artist will complete and sign a Federal tax W-9 form.  The form allows Columbia College to submit tax information for all artists that sell more than $600 worth of work in a calendar year.
Step 8. The ShopColumbia staff will barcode and place the work in the Store. 
Congratulations on becoming a new seller at ShopColumbia!