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College Advising Center FAQ
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College Advising Center FAQ

Questions about graduation?

Confusing? We have a whole page dedicated to the Graduation Audit Process.

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What are the LAS codes?

You can find information on the Liberal Arts & Sciences Core here. Also, check out our Registration Tools section for a list of requirements and recommended courses.

LAS Core Codes
FY - First Year Seminar
EN - Writing and Rhetoric
HL - Humanities Literature
HI - History
SC - Science
SL - Science with Lab
MA - Math
SS - Social Science  ( S1, S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7,S8,S9,SG)
HU - Humanities
SP - Oral Communications

Diversity Requirements
GA - Global Awareness
PL - United States Pluralism

College-Wide Requirements
WI  - Writing Intensive

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Is there a placement test for foreign language classes?

Some courses do require a language placement test.  You can find out by clicking the "View" button under "Reqs."  You must complete before registering for the foreign language class.

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What courses are considered Advanced Writing?    

If you placed out of Writing & Rhetoric I in the New Student Assessment, then you will need to take an advanced writing course besides Writing & Rhetoric II to fulfill your English requirement. Students needing an advanced writing course are allowed to take ANY 2000 or 3000 level English Department course, with the exception of the Poetry Workshop courses.  If you have questions about advanced writing courses, contact your college advisor.

NOTE: This is not the same thing as Writing Intensive. You are required to take one writing intensive course at Columbia to graduate. Writing Intensive courses have a "WI" code in the OASIS course catalog. 

What math class should I take?   

Use this grid (along with your assessment/ACT scores) to find out which math class is best for you.

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