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OASIS Error Messges
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OASIS Error Messges

The following are some commonly encountered error messages when registering online:

Registration is not currently allowed by the calendar. - You need to set your options to the semester you want to register for in OASIS. The Set Options button is at the bottom of the registration page.

set options

You have not been assigned a date/time to register. - You need to contact the Records Office if you have not been given a time to register.

You have not received faculty advising. - You need to meet with a faculty member in the department of your major before you can register for your courses.

You have not met the requisites for the course. - Many courses have prerequisites that must be taken before you are allowed to take the course. To view the requirements for a course, click the "VIEW" button on the course schedule. If you believe you have met all the prerequisites and you are still getting this message, you need to contact the department that offers the course you want to register for.

Your maximum registered hours have been exceeded. - If you want to register for more than 18 hours you need authorization from a College Advisor in the College Advising Center . Contact the College Advising Center for more information. Our main number is 312 369 7645.

You have an Academic Hold. - You have a hold on your account because your Cumulative GPA dropped below 2.0. In order to clear this hold you need to meet with a College Advisor in the College Advising Center .

Registration/Transcript Hold - SFS- You have a hold on your account because you still have an open balance with Student Financial Services. Contact the SFS office for information on clearing this hold.