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Declaring a Minor
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Declaring a minor

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Declaring a Minor

What is a minor?

A minor is a course of study that provides an introduction or sequenced specialization in a certain area in addition to and outside of a student's declared major. Minors at Columbia College range from 18 to 24 credit hours. Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree should strongly consider adding a minor to augment and complement their major. 

You can find out more about minors with the FAQs below and by visiting the College Advising Center.


Minor FAQs:




Why should I declare a minor? 
Students choose minors based upon:
  • Career goals. Students with minors have a competitive advantage in the marketplace because they’ve developed skills and specialized knowledge outside their main degree disciplines. 
  • Graduate school. Minors can merge areas of study to create a path that continues into a post-graduate degree. 
  • Personal interest. Students can also choose minors simply because they are passionate about a subject outside of their major. 
What fields of study can I minor in?
Acting Literature
Art History Marketing
Arts in Healthcare Mathematics
Arts Management Motion Graphics
ASL Studies Non-Linear Editing
Biology Photography
Black World Studies Playwriting
Creative Advertising Poetry
Creative Nonfiction Professional Writing
Cultural Studies Public Relations
Dance Radio
Education Stage Combat
Environmental Studies Teaching Artist
Fashion Business Web Development
Fiction Writing Women's & Gender Studies
Journalism Writing for Television
Latino & Latin American Studies


When can I declare a minor?

Students can declare a minor as soon as their freshman year but no later than their senior year (before you reach 90 credit hours). To declare a minor, students should meet with a college advisor. Together with the college advisor you can discuss how a minor can fit into your graduation plan. Go here for more info on how to meet with a college advisor.


Can I double-minor?

Yes! Double-minors can work with many majors. Talk to a college advisor to do the math and see how a minor (or two) can fit into your BA graduation plan. 


I am pursuing a BFA, BMus, or BS. Can I still complete a minor?

It's complicated. Since these degrees are meant to focus heavily on the major, it can be difficult to find room to accommodate a minor. Come meet with a college advisor to see if a minor can fit into your graduation plan.


Can I share classes in a Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) minor with my LAS core? 

Students can share 9 credits of an LAS minor with their LAS core requirements. This policy is reflected in the advising guide but a student should confirm with a college advisor how this impacts his or her graduation plan.

All of Columbia knows that when you don't know where to go, come see us. We always have college advisors available during business hours to answer your questions, discuss solutions, and get you to where you need to go. Here is the info.