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ASL - English Interpretation
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ASL - English Interpretation

Review of Transfer Courses Toward a Major

Who evaluates transfer courses?

The chair is responsible for ASL- English Interpretation course transfer decisions.



Nina Campbell

33 E. Congress, Suite 401




Student asked to bring:

Students must provide a transcript and syllabus for any courses that do not require linguistic proficiency, such as Deaf Culture or Introduction to Interpreting.  The faculty will evaluate this information in a meeting with the student.


All transfer students who have previous course work in American Sign Language – English Interpretation from another institution or significant experience with ASL must complete a language proficiency evaluation prior to awarding any ASL - English Interpretation transfer credits or equivalencies for ASL 1, ASL 2, ASL 3, and/ or ASL 4.



Faculty will respond within 15 business days to the student's request. Faculty will record their evaluation on a Course Equivalency, Substitution, and Waiver Online Form.


Student will receive:

Office of Degree Evaluation evaluators will issue a new or revised Transfer Evaluation Report to the student within a week of the Course Equivalency, Substitution, and Waiver Online Form being entered by the department.



Please contact the Office of Degree Evaluation

Susan Sindlinger





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