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Arts Entertainment & Media Management Department
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Arts Entertainment & Media Management Department

Review of Transfer Courses Toward a Major

Who evaluates transfer courses?

The Academic Coordinator is responsible for Arts, Entertainment and Media Management course transfer decisions. The Associate Chair is the arbiter in the case of a dispute.



Keirstin Lincoln

618 S. Michigan, 7th floor




Student asked to bring:

Students must provide a transcript, a course description (syllabus preferred). The academic coordinator will evaluate this information in a meeting with the student. Out of town students can provide the information via email.


Faculty will respond within 10 business days to the student's request. An electronic substitution or equivalency form will be submitted upon review of the transfer course.


Student will receive:

Student will receive a loop email confirmation once the electronic form is submitted and approved. Office of Degree Evaluation evaluators will issue a new or revised Transfer Evaluation Report to the student within a week of receipt of the Course Equivalency, Substitution, and Waiver Form from the department.



Please contact the Office of Degree Evaluation

Susan Sindlinger





                                                                                                                                                                                Revised 2/14