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Graduation Audit Process
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Graduation Audit Process

What's an audit? Where do I start?

The process starts with a graduation application. Graduation applications are now available on Oasis! To access the application, log in to Oasis, click on the Students tab and then the link on the lower right hand side that says "Undergraduate Graduation Application."

"But I've already applied, don't I have to do anything else?"

The target date to apply for graduation is one year prior to your expected graduation date.

When you complete a graduation application online you will receive a confirmation email and an initial audit. Your audit will list the graduation requirements you have met and ones still to be completed. Once you've received your audit, read it carefully. If you have any questions about graduation requirements or your Liberal Arts and Sciences Core, please call the College Advising Center front desk at 312 369 7645 and set up an appointment so your College Advisor can go over your audit with you.  If you have questions about courses in your major, please contact your department to set up a meeting with your Faculty Advisor.

Once you have completed your intended final semester (which you indicate on your application) and your grades are on your transcript you will be audited again. You will then receive recieve from the Office of Degree Evaluation either a congratulatory email or information indicating what requirements were not met.

Your transcript will reflect your graduation three to four weeks after the end of your final semester. Official Transcripts are available from the Records Office. The official transcript, not the diploma, is the legal document stating you have graduated.