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Columbia College Chicago
Sample Transfer Evaluation Report

Sample Transfer Evaluation Report

This report lists the transfer credit Columbia has accepted from your previous institution.
Columbia College Chicago
Office of Degree Evaluation
Official Transfer Credit Report
Your name
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Transfer Institution                                                        Columbia College Chicago
Course #        Course Title                                Hours   App   Course #  Course Title
BIO109         Human Biology                           3.00     SC
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Science requirement.)

ART 411          Advanced Typography               3.00
(Three credits accepted and applied as college wide electives.)
ENG 205           Women in American Literature   3.00      HL  PL
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Science Literature requirement and also satisfies the American Pluralism requirement.)
ENGL105         Composition I           3.00      EN     52-1151   Writing and Rhetoric I
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Communications requirement and the transfer course also is equivalent to a required Columbia course.)
SOC107         Introduction to Sociology             3.00      SS
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Science requirement.)

HIS250          History of China            3.00     HI    GA
(Three credits accepted and applied toward the Liberal Arts and Sciences History requirement plus the transfer course satisfies the Global Awareness requirement.)
Total Credit Accepted        18.00 credits
Name of College or University
Comments: _______________________________________________________
Evaluator: __________________________________________ Date: _________
Applied Toward Codes (App):
Here are Columbia's Liberal Arts and Sciences Core codes & requirements
and the corresponding codes we use for them:

EN: Writing and Rhetoric
SP: Oral Communication
SS: Social Science
HI:  History
PL:  American Pluralism
SC: Science without lab

SL: Science with lab
HU: Humanities
GA: Global Awareness
HL:  Humanities/Literature
MA: Mathematics

Transfer courses listed without codes have been accepted as college wide electives.
To request that transfer courses be considered toward a major, please contact the Office of Degree Evaluation

or visit http:/www.colum.edu/admissions/Transfer_Evaluation

The above web address will also provide a link to a complete listing of Columbia's Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Requirements and the total number of credits required in each area.
For answers to questions about your transfer credits, please feel free to your evaluator:

Degree Evaluators
Cory Byrd
Suite 300

Michael Kilinski
Suite 300

Susan Sindlinger
Office of Degree Evaluation
623 S. Wabash
Suite 300
Chicago, IL  60605