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Transfer Credit Evaluation FAQ's

Transfer Credit Evaluation FAQ's

Q. How do I get my transfer credits evaluated?
A. Arrange for your previous college or university to send an official copy of your transcript to the Columbia College Chicago .

Q. Where do I send the transcripts? 
A.  Click here.

Q. How many credits will be accepted?
A. Our Transfer Credit Policy states that a total of 62 credits will be accepted from a two-year school and 88 credits from a four- year school. The maximum number of credits accepted from any combination of two- and four-year schools is 88. Only classes with grades of "C" or better will be accepted and the content must be the same or similar to those courses offered at Columbia.

Q. Will my grades transfer too?
A. No, the grades in your transfer classes will not appear on your Columbia College transcript and the grades will not be part of your Columbia College grade point average.

Q. My previous college was on the quarter system. How are quarter hours converted to semester credits?
A. The conversion of quarter hours to semester credits is as follows:

Quarter Hours
Semester credits
2 1.34

Q. Will Columbia College accept courses from every other college and university?
A. No, the school must be regionally accredited or in some cases, we may consider credit from an institution with national accreditation.

Q. I don't see my school in your Participating Institutions list.
A. Not every school is listed. Please read the information about accreditation to see if your school is appropriately accredited for the transfer of credit to Columbia. 

Q. Are all classes accepted?
A. No, transfer courses must be similar to those taught at Columbia College. They cannot be developmental classes (below college level 101) and must have been completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

Q. How will I know when my credits have been evaluated?
A. You will receive a transfer credit evaluation report in the mail. 

Q. What if I have questions about my evaluation?
A. Contact one of the transcript evaluators in the Office of Degree Evaluation.