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Related Online Resources
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Related Online Resources

Please note:
These resources are provided as a service to the Columbia College Chicago Community. Their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by Columbia College Chicago or the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. The degree of the accessibility of these sites may vary.

Adaptive Technology and Software

Note:  See also sections on Alternative text and on blindness/visual impairments for more relevant information.

Alternative Text (such as Braille, books on tape, ebooks, etc.)

Career and Employment

Educator Resources

Legal Resources

General Disability-Related Information

Resources for Specific Disabilities

Asperger's Syndrome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Blindness and Visual Impairments
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Deafness, Hard-of-Hearing, and Speech Disabilities

Learning Disabilities (including dyslexia) 

Psychological Disorders

Special Interest

Study Tips and Learning Strategies for ALL Students

If you know of web resources similar to these that you would like to share with others,please email , ssd@colum.edu and we will review and probably add the links to our site!